Time to Clean Your Closet and Make Money

Clean Your Closet and Make Money

Our closets tend to become one of the most unorganized spaces in our homes, possibly because they’re out of sight from visitors, so we don’t focus on them as much.  Now with the spring approaching, why not take  some time and clean the closets? You can even make money selling the clothing that you no longer wear. You feel great after all that cleaning and seeing all your stuff neatly organized in the closet. Moreover, regular cleaning keeps your clothes protected from mildew, dust and moths. Plus you won’t be embarrassed to open your closet in front of any guests.

Tips to clean your closet and make money

Set aside some time to get it done

The first step naturally is to set aside time for cleaning the closet. Most prefer doing it over the weekend when they aren’t overwhelmed with work, school, and other weekday activities. Put aside 2-3 hours for the task. A larger closet may take even more time and get the help of another family member too. If you can’t do it all in one sitting, work for an hour or two, then take a break and come back. If you start to feel overwhelmed by the task, you’re more likely to just throw everything back in the closet for another day, so even a little at a time is better than nothing!

Take out everything

Just spread a clean sheet on the bed or floor and take out everything from the closet and dump it there. Vacuum clean the empty closet and look for any damage or mold growth. Make sure it is absolutely clean before placing the stuff back in. Vacuuming not only removes dust from your closet but also gets rid of insect eggs and larvae.

Sort it

Just go through the pile and sort out the stuff that you really don’t need. It can be old clothes, some gifts, cosmetics and any other item that has just been lying there but never used. The general rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used it or worn it in a year, you don’t need it. Obviously, this doesn’t hold true for major sentimental items, like your wedding dress, but if you’re holding on to clothes just hoping you may one day have a use for them, either put them into rotation now or get them out the door.

Make money with a garage sale

You can take out all the items that you don’t need and organize a garage sale to make money.  You may be surprised by the response you get. Just because you don’t love that fluorescent orange fishnet shirt that was in style back in the 80s doesn’t mean someone else won’t!

Make money selling online

You can also enter the virtual world to discard the stuff you no longer need and make money there too. There are many online marketplaces that cater to second hand clothes. Second-hand designer brands sell like hotcakes online, but even if you don’t have a closet full of designer threads, there are many people looking for nice clothing at a low price. Moms-to-be are always looking for ways to save on maternity clothes, so unless you’re planning to use them again soon, consider getting rid of those too.

Organize and set

Now that you are sure about the stuff that you want to keep and need, organize them properly in the closet.  The clothes and other items you frequently need should go in the easily accessible shelves and drawers. Others that you need to take out once a week or so can go to the topmost or the lowest shelves.

There! Once everything is organized and neatly placed, you can be proud of your work. And with the money you made by selling off all your old stuff, you can go ahead and buy yourself a treat for all that hard work.


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  1. great tips!! there are a lot of ways to make money- garage sales can be great. (we call them tag sales here)
    my hubby wants to do a big tag sale this summer. i’m not sure i want to do the work!

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