Where To Find Cheap School Supplies

Are you looking for where to find cheap school supplies? We have you covered for back to school with tips on how to fill that supply list with cut esupplies for girls, boys and some that are even DIY! Check out my ideas!

Everyone looks for cheap back to school supplies, but there are a few places you can really look to find the best deal! With back to school shopping, there are many hurdles in sticking to a budget. It can be especially hard, especially during school shopping season, but with our tips you can stay in your back to school budget.

Tips for Finding Cheap Back to School Supplies

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First, you’ll need to decide whether you’ll be shopping primarily online or in-person. While it seems like you wouldn’t be able to purchase cheap back to school supplies online, there’s actually an abundance of places you can do so! Places like Amazon have great deals on cheap back to school supplies, and if you’ve got an Amazon Prime Membership, you could possibly get free shipping! Most major retailers like WalMart and Target have online stores. Remember stores have special discounts online that are sometimes different from what’s available in store.

Additionally, you can search smaller retailers like Big Lots or even dollar stores!


Dollar stores have tons of cheap back to school supplies, and you know you’re getting them for a buck or under so it’s easy to buy in bulk there! Typically, they have an entire row dedicated to school and office supplies so it makes it easy to find everything you need. The quality sometimes isn’t great on all of the supplies though, so I would double check quality before filling your cart. I always like to snag a few plain notebooks and make DIY decorative notebooks for back to school out of some scrapbooking paper and other art supplies I have on hand.

Another place to look for cheap back to school supplies is yard sales, and online Facebook communities. Many towns and cities have “yard sale” pages on Facebook, and are full of people trying to give stuff away or sell it for extremely cheap! Essentially, they just want to get it off their hands, and this is a great way to acquire cheap back to school supplies! Not only do the online yard sale pages make for great finds, but you can also go to in-person yard sales. Typically, around back to school, you can find backpacks, binders, and even back to school clothes!

Lastly, one of the least searched places for cheap back to school supplies is thrift stores like Goodwill or Savers!


It might not seem like a great place for those supplies, but you’d be surprised to find that there are tons of backpacks, notebooks, and sometimes even writing utensils that just never got used and have been donated.

Ultimately, it’s about doing your research and finding the best deal. Every place has its pros and cons, so just make a decision based on what works best for you!

Where is your favorite place to shop for cheap back to school supplies?

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8 thoughts on “Where To Find Cheap School Supplies”

  1. Thank you so much. My oldest is going into 6th grade and her list is crazy. Trying to make it easy this year.

  2. Great advice or tips for shopping school supplies. I would not have thought of the yard sales at all. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I always stock up and pick up extras so that my kids can shop out of my closet throughout the year. School supplies are always cheaper during back to school season. I usually buy my kids stuff at Walmart or Target.

  4. Awesome list! I also shop my friend’s closets – any old supplies they won’t use because their kids are too old. Especially good for gently worn clothes. Big saving to be had there. I also bought my school supplies online using schoolsupplies.com it’s kind of new, but it’s cheaper than walmart, free shipping (bonus) and what attracted me was that their supply bundles are all put together by teachers. My daughter is going into Kindergarten, and I wasn’t exactly sure what we should get. I just lucked out and found that site and it’s really saved me a lot of time. I think between the bundle and from items from my friends, my whole back-to-school shopping cost me $65… and I hope that’s it!

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