Organize Your Closet with Rubbermaid: Tips to Maximize Your Space

This post filled with tips to organize your closet is brought to you from Rubbermaid. All opinions are our own.

Organize your closet with the Rubbermaid Max Add-On Organizer and you can save both time and money! No more searching for clothes or wasting valuable space!

Organizing your closet is a great way to maximize your space and save money on clothes. How can it save money? Well, for one thing, you may find that you already own a great little black dress, white blouse or other essential item that you didn’t know you had! No need to rush out and buy a new one! For another, you can sell your unwanted items for a bit of cash! In our post on cleaning out your closet, we already shared tips on how to take the time and energy to go through your items and ways that you can make a little extra cash. Now, we’ll tell you some great ways to actually organize your closet!

Tips to Organize Your Closet with Rubbermaid Max Add-On

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Rubbermaid makes it so easy to organize your closet with their great line of shelving, containers and other products. I had a chance to try out the Max Add-On, and it made such a difference in my closet! Here are a few tips on how to use the products to organize your closet:

The Rubbermaid Max Add-On Organizer maximizes your closet space.
  • Add shelving. Most closets have one shelf up high, then a long rod. That’s it. Not really a good way to maximize space! If you have a deep closet, adding shelves to the side walls can give you a great place to put out-of-season clothes. Even if your closet isn’t deep, add shelves lower to the ground for shoes and other items.
Vertical shelving is a great place to store pants and t-shirts.
  • Go vertical! One of the great things about the Rubbermaid Max Add-On set is that it has two sets of vertical shelves with four compartments. This is the perfect place to put clothes that can be folded, like jeans and t-shirts. If you have a small bedroom, using this space as a dresser can open up a ton of space in your bedroom itself.
Fabric cubbies are perfect for storing lesser-used items.
    • Add drawers. The Rubbermaid Max Add-On Organizer comes with 4 fabric cubbies that slide into the vertical shelves. Put your undies and other more personal items in there so they’re out of site! Or use it to store items that you don’t use often.
Use double rods to make the most of your space.
  • Double-up on the hanging rods. Aside from a few dresses and coats, most of what we store in the bedroom closet it relatively short. Basically, you’re wasting a ton of space by not installing a second rod lower down. The Max Add-On Organizer leaves space at the end of the upper rod for your longer items, yet also makes use of that wasted space below your shorter items.
  • Organize in a way that is meaningful to you. Some people like to organize by color, creating a rainbow in their closet. Others like to put dressy clothes on one side and casual on the other. There is no right way to organize your closet. Just pick a way that works best for you, then stick to it!

Additional Features of the Rubbermaid Max Add-On Organizer

Organize Your Closet with Rubbermaid Max Add-On

In addition to the awesome features mentioned above, the Rubbermaid Max Add-On Organizer is also super easy to install. No tools required! It’s like having a professional closet organizer without the professional price. The telescoping rod extends between 24” and 48” wide, so you can be sure of a good fit. Plus, it works with existing wood or wire shelves. Yay! No need to rip apart the hardware in your closet, risking expensive damage!

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