Best Ways to Save Money on Cell Phone Bills

Monthly phone bills can at times be very painful if they cross the expected limit. It so often happens we end up paying much more than what we had anticipated and expected. The taxes and surcharges do not help the cause as well, as they shoot up the bill a new notches. The following are some of the best ways to save money on cell phone bills. Think of all the money you’ll have left over for family vacations and other fun stuff if you get that bill down!


Top 5 Best Ways to Save Money on Cell Phone Bills

  • Auditing Bills: We find it very convenient to set up an auto pay for the phone bills, but it is always a good idea to go through the statement yourself. There are quite a few chances that the bill might include transactions that are not actually done from your number. This also gets rid of unwanted services that you might have been subscribed to. Looking carefully into the statement would provide you with information as to how many minutes, messages and data you are using monthly. This can help you determine the right plan for your phone as well, which is one of the best ways to save money on cell phone bills!
  • Stop Using Messages: With the current era of smartphones there are so many applications available where one can send and receive messages and other multimedia files either free of cost or at a cost that is very low when compared to the normal message costs. Applications such as Viber, Whatsapp, Textme, Heywire etc. help you with sending and receiving texts.
  • Insurance: Just like any other commodity, the value of phones also depreciate after a year. If you have an insurance plan, it is wise to stop paying for the same after the first year. The reason being there are greater chances of you upgrading your phone and also it might not be the brightest idea to invest a lot on phone insurance.
  • ¬†Skype: Smartphones and their applications can help you drastically cut down the phone bill. If your phone has a front camera/ secondary camera making use of applications such as Skype allows you to make video calls with other Skype users. These applications can be even used from laptops or desktops and over Wi-Fi and thus helping you cut down phone bills.
  • Family Plans: Most of the carriers are coming up with family plans which allow quite some options if the same carrier is used for multiple connections from the same household. It allows features such as sharing of minutes and data packages. This balances out the calls in a family where one is heavily dependent on phone while other uses for calls very occasionally.

Following the above mentioned steps are a few of the best ways to save money on cell phone bills. Having a smartphone helps you further cut down costs, provided you use the appropriate applications available.

5 thoughts on “Best Ways to Save Money on Cell Phone Bills”

  1. We’ve never bothered with phone insurance. And DH is the only one with a smart phone. I will sometimes try to communicate with him via skype (text message) and he says it takes him a while to get a message. He’s pretty sure the phone company does it on purpose because they want you to use texting that you pay them for, not “free” texting via skype.

  2. I completely agree with not needing insurance. Phones are worth so little after the first year, and most of the time my phone is already breaking down at that point. Great tips!

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