Affordable Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is just around the corner. The season officially starts on June 20, 2012, but many children are out of school by then. If you’re worried about how to keep your little ones entertained for the whole summer, then be sure to check out a few of these summer activities for kids.

Summer activities for kids on a budget

Summer activities for kids do not have to cost a lot of money. With some creativity, you can keep your little ones busy without breaking the budget.

Activities For kids ages 1-3:

Safety is a major factor to consider when dealing with children of such a young age, so these summer activities are designed for entertainment at a safe level.

Blowing Bubbles. You can find bubble solution just about anywhere, and your toddler will be very entertained to see you blowing them out of your mouth—imagine the look on your kid’s face when he or she tries it out!


Puppet Shows. These can be performed outside, and your toddler should enjoy Mommy and Daddy putting on a show! You can make puppets with socks very easily, and you can even get your kid to contribute his or her own creativity!


Read. When your child is young, it is important to read to him or her to teach literacy. You can bring a book to the beach and read aloud to your toddler. This is also a great option should it be raining one day.


Go to the Beach. Just equip your child with a plastic pail, shovel, sunglasses, and gobs of sunscreen, and take him or her to the beach for a day. Let your toddler have fun playing in the sand, but if your little explorer wants to go in the ocean, make sure you go too!

Homemade Popsicles. When all else fails, a cold snack should entertain a child. They’re very easy to make, and they literally melt in your mouth! Check our detailed recipe of this healthy summer snack.

Activities for kids ages 3-5:

Preschoolers tend to be a bit more active than toddlers.  They can become bored more easily. Thus, while these  sumer activities for kids are still supposed to provide children with safe entertainment, they are a bit more engaging than those for toddlers.

Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike. What better time to teach your child to read a bike than summer? The lack of school gives you plenty of time to bestow a valuable skill upon your child. Be sure to use training wheels, knee pads, and a helmet!
Wiffle Ball. Buy a plastic ball and a bat, and you’re all set to play! You can look up the rules, but there’s nothing wrong with just taking turns hitting and pitching with your child. The increased physical activity of Wiffle ball makes it more entertaining for the children (and some parents!).

Water Balloon Tosses. Children ages 3-5 are usually old enough to realize that eating pieces of rubber probably isn’t a good idea. Therefore, water balloon tosses (fights, but with a less violent name) can be fun for your children in the sweltering heat. They’re cold, refreshing, and they don’t hurt on impact! Just don’t be too competitive.

Tie Dye. Your child will love making bright designs on t-shirts! It’s very easy to o yourself, and the supplies used for tie dye are very cheap. Plus, your child will leave the activity with something he or she can wear for a while!


Whatever you do with your child, make sure it’s fun, easy, and safe! What are your favorite summer activities for kids? My favorite ones are the Popsicle (easy) and the bike ride (fun)

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