Keep Your Household Running Smoothly with Dollar General #DollarGeneral

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

household-essentials-dollar-general Keeping your household running smoothly on a budget seems like a monumental challenge. After all, a house just NEEDS so many things! Even if you pare down to the very basics, chances are you still have a long list. Batteries, light bulbs, cleaning supplies, food, water, pet supplies…the list goes on and on. Plus it’s not even an exciting list!

Seriously, who wants to spend half their yearly earnings on something as boring as batteries and paper towels? Not me! That’s why I’m so happy that Dollar General offers a one-stop shop for all my household needs at GREAT prices.

One-Stop Household Essentials Shopping at Dollar General

If you’ve been checking out our Dollar General posts each month, you’ve seen just how diverse the store really is. I’ve made everything from teacher appreciation gifts to winter car emergency kits using supplies from Dollar General. Those posts really got me thinking about the store in a whole new way. Long before those posts, though, I was using Dollar General for my everyday needs. Take a look at just a few of the household essentials you’ll find at Dollar General! household-essentials-dollar-general

  • Everything you need for a clean home: Dollar General doesn’t just have the best prices on cleaning supplies in my area, they have widest selection. My local Dollar General has at least four aisles filled with cleaning supplies. Everything from their own brand to the most popular name brands. Their disinfecting wipes and Dishwashing Pacs work perfect, by the way!
  • Essentials for happy electronics. We go through batteries like crazy here. Dollar General keeps me stocked up for less. They also have extra chargers, headphones and all the right cleaners for your gadgets.


  • Kitchen tools you didn’t even remember you needed. I totally forgot I needed a new can opener until I was browsing their kitchen tools aisle! I love that they have several to choose from, including a really nice one for under $5. They have pretty much everything you need to prep and serve your favorite meals. Over in the grocery aisles, they even have ingredients to make them!


  • Happy pet essentials: With three dogs and three cats, I go through a lot of pet essentials, as you can imagine. My cats are going through a Temptations-only phase right now. Those happen to be the most expensive of the treats sold in major retailers (not including specialty treats). Dollar General has a huge bag of them for just $3. Score! They also have fantastic deals on cat litter and food.
  • Family health needs: As soon as I finish writing this, I’m actually heading back to Dollar General to pick up some medicine for my poor little buddy. Jacob has a sore throat and I just used our last dose of medicine. I bought tissues on my last trip for my allergies, but didn’t think to pick up more cold medicine. I think I was in denial, hoping that season was over! Thankfully, Dollar General has a great selection of medicines for both kids and adults, plus tons of fantastic first aid needs.

Bottom line: you’ll find essentials to keep your home running smoothly down every aisle of Dollar General. From the basics on every list to specialty items like toys, greeting cards and seasonal supplies, it really is one-stop shopping at great prices. Just be sure to take some extra time to browse a bit and let inspiration strike. You never know what kind of fun craft idea you’ll also come up with while you’re there!

What household essentials do you get at Dollar General? Tell us in the comments!

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17 thoughts on “Keep Your Household Running Smoothly with Dollar General #DollarGeneral”

  1. We don’t have a Dollar General where I love but I do shop our local dollar store to stock up on items for the house – tin foil trays, poop bags for the dog, kitchen utensils, gift bags, cards, seasonal items etc.

  2. I buy a lot of things at our local Dollar store. I like to get my kitchen essentials like can openers and cleaners there. They have such a great selection.

  3. There is a Dollar General going in right around the corner from my house. I’ve never been in one, so I was curious what kids of things they had. Thanks for the post. I’ll need to go check it out when it’s finished.

  4. I can get lost at Dollar General. They always seem to have almost everything I need. 🙂 The kids love taking their allowance there. LOL

  5. I love the Dollar store selections of kitchen gadgets and utensils!! I always find something I need there! I also find other great things at the dollar stores as well!!

  6. I’d never heard of Dollar General until moving to Illinois, and they’re everywhere here. One moved into our town last year, and I go a few times a month, for many of the items you listed. I like that they offer plus sized clothing options for women; not many, but something. I have a couple pair of their fuzzy jammy pants, for winter, and love them! I also really like that you can often find gems tucked away in their book selection. For instance, I found $30 hardback of one of my favorite books, for only $3 – too bad I already owned it! #lol

  7. I’ve never been to Dollar General but luckily they just built one that’s not too far from my house, so I can’t wait to check it out!

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