Top five Gifts For Grandparents Under $25

These Christmas Gift ideas for Grandparents will sure be a hit! Bonus, they are budget friendly! Check them out.

Boys and girls, it’s going to be Christmas time pretty soon; which means that you should be well ahead in your plan of selecting gifts for your loved ones and that means your parents and grandparents too. Your grandparents, just like your parents, deserve attention from your side as well. They often live far away and a gift from your side can serve as a nice little reminder to them. We have picked out top 5 gifts for grandparents that are relatively easy to ship. The best thing about them is that they are under $25!

Top Five Gifts for Grandparents

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1.       Westland Giftware Magnetic Shaker Set
The magnetic old couple salt and pepper shaker set is one of the best gifts for grandparents that you can get for a very nominal price. For $11.38 only you can purchase a really cute, ceramic salt and pepper shaker set that is shaped into old man and a woman on a rocking chair facing towards each other. What is really cute is that there is a magnet inside each of these shakers which keeps the couple locked into a loving kiss.

2.       Cursive Coffee Cup Gift Package Grandparents

Another really cute gift for your grandparents that is well under $25 is a pair of ceramic coffee mugs that are especially customized to be gifted to grandparents. On the sides, there is a stylish inscription that reads “I Love Grandma” on one and “I Love Grandpa” on the other. Gift your grandparents these mugs so that they enjoy remembering you when they are sipping on hot coffee this cold winter.

3.       The Grandparent Gift Co. Story of Life Frame
For $20.17, get your hands on a really elegant photo frame that can be hung on the walls or can be used as a standalone frame on a table top. Fix your photos inside the many spaces that are provided in this frame. There is space to add written descriptions, photos or even ultrasounds. Fix in moments of your life that you think might be close to your grandparents as well.

4.       The Grandparents Handbook
The Grandparents Handbook is a really sweet and interesting gift for grandparents that can be gifted at any time of the year; grandparents are going to enjoy going through this book whenever it is presented to them. For just under $12, the grandparents will receive some really beneficial information about becoming a grandparent. Not only will it contain a description of a person’s experience about becoming a grandparent, but also a collection of recipes, ideas and helpful hints.

5.       World’s Greatest Grandpa metal Parking Sign
This is a really fun gift for a fun-loving grandpa. He can hang this metal sign up in his garage or even his living room and this will serve as a really nice reminder of you.

Which gift would you get for your grandparents? Do you have any other suggestion?

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