Best Ways To Save Money On Gas For Your Family

During the spring and summer months, our family travels quite a bit by car! Between hiking, family vacations and weekend getaways, we really rack up the mileage. FInd the best ways to save money on gas is important to us. The more we save on gas, after all, the more we have to spend on fun family adventures!


Fuel efficiency of vehicles is something that usually worries a lot of us for obvious reasons. A steady and constant rise in fuel prices means we need to be smart about driving and find the best ways to save money on gas that work for our plans. Fortunately, we have a few tips that, if you follow them properly, should help ensure a substantial savings at the gas pump! These tips also increase the overall efficiency of your vehicle, which saves you money on maintenance fees later on too.

Best ways to save money on gas

  • Brake only when required: Many of us have the habit of driving with our foot on the brakes, which causes substantial wear to both the brakes as well as reduced fuel efficiency. You can save as much as 35% fuel or $1.35/ gallon by minimizing the usage of brakes.
  • Smooth drive pays off: A smooth drive, i.e linear acceleration and deceleration,  not only keeps your vehicle in great condition but is also one of the best ways to save money on gas. It can increase your fuel efficiency by as much as 33% while on highways and about 5% while in town or city. Sudden acceleration and braking surely gives a rush, but burns a hole in the pocket as well.
  • Drive light: It is always a good idea to drive light. By this, I mean reduce the weight you carry around in your car. Even when you’re packing for a long road trip, try to keep it to just the essentials. Do you really need, say, your bowling ball and gym weights?
  • Clean air filter: At times it is just amazing how keeping some components of vehicle in good condition or best conditions can pay off. Your air filter is one such component. Keeping it clean ensures that your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is increased by about 10% which amounts to $0.39/gallon.
  • Proper tire inflation: This is another one of the very best ways to save money on gas. Keeping the tires inflated is another minor thing that quite a few of us forget to do. Keeping the tires inflated properly would ensure that you ride safely and at the same time save as much as 2.8% or $0.11/ gallon.
  • Avoid idling: Though avoiding of idling might not save you a lot, but it surely does play its part.  For every 2 minutes you avoid idling, you can save about $0.01/ gallon. It may not sound like much, but if you idle 20 minutes at one parking lot, 15 in another and so on, it adds up.

The above mentioned tips are not the only best ways to save money on gas, but they are among the easiest for everyone to do. Driving smoothly and keeping the vehicle tuned up as close to factory setting as possible are simple yet very effective ways of saving fuel. If you have the budget for it, you might also consider getting a hybrid vehicle to save on gas in the long run.

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