Save Money and the Environment by Driving Greener


With the world focusing on greener ways of life and greener technology, it is time, that we as citizens of the planet, woke up to the reality of limited resources of fuel and do our bit to save fuel and look for best ways to save money. The idea is to stretch that dollar for an extra mile and make the fuel last longer. Hybrids are soon going to be replaced by all electric cars. But until then, we can follow simple ways to drive a little greener on whatever car we have and save some money.

Tips to drive greener and save money too

Avoid keeping the engine on all the time

Getting zero miles per gallon is not a good idea at all, and if you sit in your car with the engine idling, that’s pretty much what you’re getting! So, if you think you have to wait for more than 30 seconds, turn that engine off and wait patiently. It is these changes in simple habits that can help that juice last longer.
Avoid a “jackrabbit” start
Decelerating or accelerating too fast can hamper the fuel economy and can end up lasting you 33% less miles per gallon on the highway and a good 5% in the city. So go for  smooth and steady pressure on the gas pedal and avoid heavy braking. These are some best ways to save money.

Avoid under inflated tires
Did you know that saggy tires with poor air pressure can cost you 1-2 mpg?  Go for regular checks every month and make sure they have the recommended air pressure. Get those tires filled with 100% nitrogen and at proper pressure to last longer and save fuel. Consider keeping a tire gauge in your car tool kit so you can check your pressure at your convenience.

 Avoid adding weight
Any extra weight in your car will lower your fuel economy. So keep a minimum load in your car for better fuel economy and greener driving. This really is one of the simplest tips to drive greener and one of the best ways to save money on gas.

Avoid speeding
The faster you drive, the more energy is getting used up to overcome the aerodynamic drag. So drive smarter, not faster if you are looking for ways to save fuel and money.

Avoid multiple errands and trips
Plan your shopping so that you can avoid making those endless trips to the market for numerous errands. You will be surprised at how much you can save by just careful planning and combining several trips into one.
The above is definitely not one of the most exhaustive lists of best ways to save money on your fuel costs. Think outside of the box and look how you can drive greener and more safely and save more fuel and dollars. Not only will you be helping stick to your budget, but you’ll be helping the environment too!

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  1. I always tell my hubby not to speed because it wastes gas but he doesn’t listen. Thanks for these tips – hopefully they will help with the rising gas prices!

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