Money Saving Meals For Large Families

 When your budget is tight it is important to find great Money Saving Meals For Large Families that everyone will enjoy.  Check out or tips and recipes!

When your budget is tight it is important to find great Money Saving Meals For Large Families that everyone will enjoy.  Whether you are looking for something to help trim your budget, or make your meal times easier we have some great tips for you to consider.  Not only will we share our favorite helpful tips, but we are going to give you some of our own favorite recipes to check out as well.


Substitute beans for meat.  There are many meals where you can easily substitute beans to give your family a hearty meal without a lot of cost.  Ground meat in tacos can be stretched a lot farther with a cup or two of refried beans.  Beans easily stretch soups, stews, chili and curries.

Utilize pasta and rice for casseroles.  Pasta and rice are low cost starches that are perfect for creating a great casserole that will stretch meat farther in your meals.  Casseroles are also great for making in large batches and freezing for easy meal later.

Use leftovers.  Whether you make sure to use leftovers for second meals, lunches, or to be repurposed into another meal it is important to not let food go to waste.  Small amounts of vegetables can be added into soups and stews.  Small scraps of meat can create burritos, tacos or make a quick sandwich for lunch.

Make soups the star.  Soups are an excellent low cost way to feed your family.  Not only do rich broths provide you with amazing flavor, but you can easily make a soup heart with vegetables, rice and even pasta.

Check out some of our favorite recipes!

Cheddar Meatloaf:  Perfect tasty main dish that is great for making in large batches using inexpensive ground meat and other common pantry items.

Chicken Noodle Soup:  Everyone loves a hearty soup, and this classic is a great way to use up leftover shredded chicken, vegetables and easy broth and pasta.  You can make a huge batch at a fraction of the cost of other chicken dishes.

Ginger Squash Soup:  Using vegetables like squash as the base for a thick and creamy soup is not only cost effective, but a great way to get your kids interested in eating their veggies. This is a perfect soup to serve with your favorite crusty bread.

Creamy Potato Chowder:  This is one of our favorite go to soup recipes.  While this recipe doesn’t include meat, you can easily cook some bacon or diced ham to throw into the mix for a richer flavor and to appeal to your meat and potatoes fans.

Making money saving meals for large families doesn’t have to be difficult.  Think outside the box and use alternative sources of protein and inexpensive starches to stretch your meals.

Do you have any great ideas for money saving meals for large families? Share in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Money Saving Meals For Large Families”

  1. All great tips! We don’t have a large family but I still utilize some of these tips and freeze extras for those busy days when you don’t have time to cook.

  2. We don’t have a large family but could definitely use these tips and are always looking for ways to save money on meals. The Cheddar Meatloaf sounds like something my family would love!

  3. These are great tips! We’re big on using leftovers but our family is not huge. There are just four of use so we are generally pretty good at having decent meals.

  4. These are some great ideas! I do alot of double recipes and freeze the other half, this way I can buy in bulk and will not have to cook twice.

  5. These are great tips and the recipes sound tasty! I don’t have a large family but I’m going to keep these in mind to help feed my little one, too!

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