6 Tips for Slashing the Costs When Dining Out

Eating out at a good restaurant hasn’t been the same in the last few years. Prices have been spiralling upwards, making most restaurants the bastion of the elite. But money alone shouldn’t deprive you of the experience that eating at a good restaurant provides.Luckily for you, there are a number of companies that are offering you a way out, so much so that you may never have to pay the full price at a restaurant again!

Groupon is a deal-a-day website that offers discounted group coupons in exchange for promoting and marketing restaurants. The coupons you get on this website are usable in almost every restaurant you will find. The way the Groupon model works is that a predetermined number of customers have to sing up for the offer. If that number isn’t met, there is no deal for anyone, thus making it a ‘group’ coupon after all. Restaurants have lapped this up to since it ensures more people and more footfalls, despite the discounted price.

The fact that even the Wall Street Journal expects this website to be the fastest company to reach 1 billion dollars in sales speaks volumes about the runaway success it has been.


Haven’t you been annoyed by pesky surveys that need your opinions about things you don’t care about? Toluna may just make you look at them differently! This survey collecting site frequently offers restaurant gift cards if you have accumulated a certain number of frequent usage points. Some patience never hurts!


This site may not have win creativity sweepstakes for their name, but it does an excellent job in assorting the deals and discounts on restaurants near you. Do look out for gift coupons here too!


This site is a great resource for telling you more about the discount coupons that are available in the stores around you. Your local grocery store for instance may have gift coupon offers that you’ve not been aware of. Isn’t it absolutely ideal to buy what you want, and get a coupon for your favourite restaurant too?

Birthday/Restaurant club

If you can’t resist going out and eating at a restaurant often, there are a number of clubs you can join to get huge discounts! Birthday clubs for instance often end up offering discount coupons and other offers around the time of your birthday.

Do note that you may need to pay a membership fee to join such a club.

The restaurants themselves!

Subscribing to the email feed of the restaurants you like is a convenient way to know about any new deals in them first hand. All you need to do is visit their website and join their newsletter service. Beyond that, all you need to do is to keep an eye out on the mail you get from them. They may be temporary deals only, so procrastination isn’t a good idea!

Restaurants may be prohibitively priced more often than not, but you can indulge yourself with meals there more often than you think! Keep a look out for the deals around the net, and in the sources stated in this article, and you can stay away from paying the full price again!

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