What Are Some Money Saving Hacks I Can Use on a Daily Basis?

Looking for money saving hacks that you can use on a daily basis? Check out a few of our favorite ways to squeeze some extra funds out of your paycheck!

Wondering if there are money saving hacks you can actually use on a daily basis? We know what you mean. It seems like a lot of ways to save cash require a major budget overhaul or total lifestyle change. Sometimes, you already have a great budget in place. You’re already putting funds away for college, you’re building up an emergency savings and you’re feeling confident overall. Still, maybe you want to squeeze a little extra cash out of that paycheck to put away for a Christmas fund or family vacation! Check out a few money saving hacks that you can use every day to get more mileage out of your budget!

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What are some money saving hacks I can use on a daily basis?

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  • Save on prescription medications– Did you know that you could save money on medications by purchasing them at warehouse stores like Costco and Sam’s Club? You don’t have to be a member to purchase your meds there either.
  • Save on clothes dryer electric bill– Go back to the old days when they didn’t have clothes dryers. Dry your clothes outdoors on a clothesline. Doing this can save you a couple hundred dollars a year and your clothes will smell fresh, crisp and clean.
  • Save on dryer sheets– If there are times where you need to use your dryer, instead of spending money on dryer sheets and fabric softener, just use wool balls in your clothes dryer. Wool balls can be reused time and time again and will help your clothes to dry faster too.


  • Save on printer ink– If your printer runs out of black ink, you can change the text color to dark blue, making the ink last longer. Also, avoid using fonts like Comic Sans, Century Gothic or New Times Roman since these use the most ink.
  • Save on sink cleaners– Why spend money on those harsh chemical cleaners when all you need is lemon and salt that will do the job? Just cut a lemon in half, dip half into a plate of salt and use the lemon as a sink scrubber. Your stainless steel will be clean and shiny in a jiffy.
  • Save  on furniture– Instead of going out and buying a new table or desk, refresh it with some washi tape. Just wipe the table/desk down with furniture polish and allow to dry completely. Then, get creative and give your table/desk a refresher.


  • Save on air fresheners– No need to spend money on air fresheners when you can make your own at home with just a few ingredients from your kitchen. You can pretty much use any combination of spices, herbs and fruit that you want for this. For instance, oranges, cloves and cinnamon smell amazing together. Others include lemon, rosemary and vanilla or pine twigs, nutmeg and bay leaves.
  • Save  on jewelry– Don’t you just hate it when some jewelry turns your fingers green? You can prevent that now with some clear nail polish. Just brush a layer of clear nail polish on the inside of your rings and allow to dry.
  • Save on coffee! If you usually buy a latte at a coffee shop every day, consider investing in an espresso maker for your home and make your own. After the initial purchase, you’ll save loads of money!

These are just a few of our favorite money saving hacks that you can use daily! Want to keep even more cash in your wallet? Just think about the things that you spend it on, then evaluate where you can cut back. For example, cut back on how often you eat out by making your own easy healthy meals more often. There are countless ways to save funds that really add up!

What are your favorite money saving hacks that you can actually use on a daily basis? Share in the comments!

3 thoughts on “What Are Some Money Saving Hacks I Can Use on a Daily Basis?”

  1. It really can add up if you save a little each day. These are all great suggestions. Need to try to make my own dryer balls.

  2. I use dryer balls in the dryer…they work great.
    Thank you for sharing the tip on the printer ink….I didn’t know about that!

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