Family Travels for Less: Tips to Save Big

Travel is a great way to have an adventure with your family. It’s easier when you’re young and free, but gets harder with a family because every single person is a multiplier for how much your vacation will cost. Each person needs transportation, lodging, something fun to do, etc and the bill can really add up. Sure it’d be great to take your dream vacation without worrying about money, but unfortunately life isn’t a fantasy, so here are some tips for how to travel or what to do to save big bucks.


Where your family should travel to is often the first question that comes to mind. “Where should we go?” If you head to the popular travel spots during the popular times of the year, it’s going to be hard to do it cheaply since demand is so high. Instead, try to be creative and head out on a trip to a less well-known destination. Maybe there is a nearby lake in your area that isn’t necessarily a tourist destination, but people live there. With the aid of money technology it’s now easy for people to arrange these types of vacations. You’ll get that laid back local vibe, normal prices and not feel like a tourist.


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“Stay-cations,” where you stay close to home really save on your transportation bill. Load up the family car and head out on an expedition. While gas isn’t cheap, it will start looking that way when you compare it to a handful of plane tickets. If you do need to get to a location that requires some airline travel, try to be flexible and check a range of departure and return dates instead of just one. The different between leaving on a Wednesday and a Thursday might be $30 – $150 and when you multiply that times a few it really adds up. Furthermore, when you head to the airport, you cannot take liquids, but you can bring some snacks. Also, bring empty water bottles because you can fill them up once you get past security instead of spending $3 a bottle.


Hotels are expensive and to make them more affordable you squeeze everyone in and listen to your kids complain when the “pull out queen” isn’t quite what you expected. My main tip for lodging when you travel is to check out less formal alternatives such as Craigslist. There are many people willing to rent out there house for various periods of time and it normally works out to be a much better rate with many more comforts of home. Especially if you plan to travel with another family or a group, look into renting a house and you can save big bucks with a better vibe.

Things to Do

“Things” can get very expensive. Anything that requires admission or entry has gone through the roof these days whether it’s theme parks or skiing and everything in between. However, depending on the age of your kids they might not be too expensive yet. Check out the competition to see who favors your kids the most because some places are more family friendly when it comes to pricing. If you’re stuck and you really want to do something and there is no way to pay or save less, save with the odds and ends. For instance, if you go skiing for the day bring your own food and save upwards of $100 on food instead of spending big bucks at the on mountain facility.


If you want to travel for less you need to be flexible. Whether it’s the exact days you go, where you stay and what you do, it helps to be flexible to save. If you can’t be flexible, save around the edges and focus on having a good time. Spending big bucks can make it hard to have a good time, so try not to worry and enjoy yourself!About the Author
Cooper Elling is passionate about health, business & blogging. When he’s not having fun he writes about Sono Bello, blogging, and a myriad of other topics. He’s also interested in Sono Bello on Twitter and  Sono Bello on Facebook.


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