Save money by living simple

Save money in the piggy bank

Temptation is everywhere we go: advertisements, friends, neighbors, school! Every single move we make we are tempted. This can lead to overspending, debt and stress! It is making it harder for people who want to save money and live a simpler life. It takes a lot of courage to resist to all these temptations! How can you simplify without feeling frustrated?

Want what you have

It’s all about wanting what you have and not about having what you want! Most people want what they don’t have! Most people keep on purchasing items and forget about them. With my first child, I bought a lot of toys. I used to buy him a new toy each week or so! It was insane! He played a few moments with the new toy and then asked for another one. Until one day we decided that it was over. We bought toys on special occasions. What we did we separate his toys into piles. Every two weeks, I changed the pile to play with. He was happy to discover his old toys.

Do you really need it?

Before buying something, ask yourself: Do I need it? Am I going to use it in one month, 1 year from now? If yes, go for it, if not then think about it. It is one of the best ways to save money.

Maybe you have it!

Once in a while, take an inventory of what you have. You may be surprised! We are so quick to go to the store to buy something that we don’t take the time to see if we have it already!

Leave your credit cards home

It is easy to pay with money we don’t have! Academic studies show that buying on plastic incurs less psychological pain than spending cash! Leave those cards at home. Some people suggest using cash envelopes system. When the envelope is empty, you stop spending. I don’t feel comfortable leaving a lot of cash home. Instead, I have a separate bank account for spending. With the online banking, you can follow up your spending and save money.

Keep it simple and save money

Look around you and identify what’s important to you: Is it having the latest flat screen TV or going to Disney with the kids or having a fun camping day. Identify your priorities, set up a schedule for them and you will feel better.

6 thoughts on “Save money by living simple”

    1. You are so right: We cannot live simple for 10 years! But you know what: we can change some little things in our day lives that can make huge difference in our budget without being frustrated!
      As an example, I know that my kids love eating pizza. Once a month we go eat Pizza in a local restaurant on Tuesday night. Tuesdays: kids eat for free!!

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