6 Ways to Help You Afford that Dream Family Vacation!


Looking for ways to save money on family vacation expenses so you can actually go on vacation? Read on! Just because everyone wants to take a vacation doesn’t mean it’s always financially possible. If you’re wondering how you’ll fit it into your budget this year, consider implementing some of these  ideas to save money on family vacation expenses make your dreams a reality.

Ways to save money on family vacation expenses

  • Deciding where to go plays a big role in how to save money on family vacation expenses. Make a list of destinations that appeal to you. Make sure to have a range of options both close to hom e and far away. That way you will be able to select something that both interests you and is financially possible.
  • Consider taking a few weekend trips close to home instead of one or two weeks far away. Maybe you don’t have the vacation time available to take a lot of time off of work or it becomes more financially possible to stay closer to home. Whatever the reason taking several (or even one long weekend) vacation during the summer is better than none at all!
  • Don’t jam pack your schedule! When you start to plan an itinerary, include seeing sights and attractions but also includes spending time together. Instead of picking a new restaurant for dinner each night, plan a picnic at a nearby park. See what other free activities there are in the place you’re visiting. Simply go for a walk just to explore. Having down time can help you truly enjoy your time and save money on family vacation expenses.
  • Sure jumping on an airplane is a fast and convenient way to get to your destination, but it’s also expensive. Check train and bus fares. You can often find much better prices. It might take you longer to get to your destination but it will be a great experience!
  • Consider renting a car for your road trip. This might sound like nonsense – you likely already have a car. But you may be able to rent a smaller, more fuel-efficient model that will fit your family. You’ll be able to save money on gas without putting mileage on your own car. Most personal car insurance policies also cover rental cars so you won’t have the added expense of insurance.
  • The biggest hidden cost of a  family vacation? Food! With a family of four or more, food can amount to more than a hundred dollars a day. Instead, stop by a grocery store or market and pick up snacks for during the day. Cereal, milk, or granola bars and fruit for breakfast is far more cost effective than the $20 breakfast buffet at the hotel. Picnics and self-serve meals are great ways to cut down on food costs as well.

Don’t let the threat of high costs stop you from planning a family vacation. With some planning and creative thinking you can have a great time without going broke!

What are some of your favorite ways to save money on family vacation expenses

4 thoughts on “6 Ways to Help You Afford that Dream Family Vacation!”

  1. We just came back from Puerto Rico, everytime we go on a vacation we search for the very best deals, with our last trip we saved $100 off each ticket by driving 8 hours to Orlando, and got to visit downtown Disney while we were there. We left our car at a stay and park hotel (la Quinta which we have a membership with and rack up points for free or discounted nights + they have a super awesome free breakfast) we searched for airline and rental car, 8 days for 4 people was right around $1200, we stayed in Guyama so we didn’t have to pay the high hotel cost of San Juan and while we were their we cooked every breakfast and one supper. There are inexpensive souvenier shops away from the touristy areas. Our last day we spent walking around old San Juan (free). Other trips have been the same, look for city pass that bulks several attractions into one price, check out groupon for low cost dining options. My daughter even goes so far as to collect those decorated pennies as cheap souvenirs – can’t beat 51 cents.
    I have many more ideas but these are some of the best also check gas buddy for the best prices of gas. Never eat or buy gas near the highway.

  2. Family vacation includes many family members so it is obvious that the expense is going to increase in all manner . So you must find some effective ways that will help you to cut down charges like booking a cheap flight ticket to everyone, look for a cheap accommodation, etc.

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