Save Money While Staying Cool During The Summer


Summers are sultry and hot. In fact, with the sweltering heat it is hardy possible to remain cool. So, in such cases the AC turns out to be a necessity. Unfortunately, if you use it too often,  you end up with massive electricity bills,  which is definitely not desirable!  Wondering how to keep yourself cool without making a hole in your pockets? Well, here are some innovative solutions which will help you figure out the best techniques to save money while staying cool during the summer.

Tips to save money while staying cool

Planting leafy trees

One of the best and easiest ways to save money while staying cool is planting some leafy trees near your homes. You can try placing some huge and extremely leafy trees just before the exteriors of your abode. This will prevent the sun from entering your rooms and will keep you cool for free.  Placing these trees near your AC units can also boost up your AC’s efficiency by 10%. So, with this solution you save energy and stay cool! So grab those gardening tools and start planting!

Flipping a switch

Trees take time to grow, right? So you’ll need some more immediate ways to save money while staying cool. You can’t get more instant than flipping a switch! Yes, you can actually enjoy a better and cooler ambience simply by flipping a switch. Wondering how? Well, whenever you are at home, go ahead and lower the AC temp to a comfortable temperature.  However, for the times when you are not at home, raise the temperature and keep things a little warm. At night, turn off the AC in unused rooms. This isn’t just a great way to save money, it also saves energy!

Cleaning the air conditioner filters

It might seem to be a tedious and difficult job but in order to enhance the efficiency of your system, you really do need to clean the filters on your air conditioning unit.  Clean your filters once a month in order to save money while staying cool. Also, try to unplug all your electronics including your AC whenever you are not using it. This will cut down on bills and will also let you enjoy a cooler environment.

Splash around!

One of my favorite ways to save money while staying cool is to go swimming! Head to your neighborhood pool and dive in.  If you have little ones, be sure to follow pool safety tips to keep your kids out of harm’s way. Don’t have a pool nearby? Visit the closest beach, see if your river has a swim area, or just grab the hose and have fun spraying each other. I always feel cool for hours after splashing around.

These tips to save money while staying cool will help you survive a long, hot summer without putting a major dent in your budget. Do you have any other great tips?

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  1. When it’s not humid out I open up the windows to let the house cool down instead of using the air conditioner.

  2. She’s Adorable It’s Raining Here & I’m About To Let My Girls Play In The Rain!!!LOL Love All The Great Tips Thank You!

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