8 Great Money Saving Apps To Download Today

money saving apps

We all seem to make the best bargains, especially during the cash strapped economy. With the holiday season just setting in, most people would be looking to make some good bargains. Thankfully, there are a number of money saving apps in the market that can help you get to the best of those deals available on web or otherwise.

8 Great Money Saving Apps

Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ is one of the hottest iPhone apps that is run by Coupons.com, which happens to be the largest couponing websites. The idea is to make grocery shopping easy as well as money saving. You can download Grocery iQ for free and experience the convenience of shopping form your mobile and browse through millions of items. You can make your grocery list and scan the barcodes of the products you like and see if you can get any coupons.

Shopwell not only motivates you into healthy eating and shows which foods are right for you, it also allows you to search from a database of thousands of products and extensive collection of foods.  You can pick the latest and the healthiest products available in the market and eat healthy while save money too!


It is time to lighten your wallet and go for Card star that is fast and easy to use and is secure too. Now you can shift your reward cards, plastic loyalty cards and membership cards right onto your mobile and never miss out on any discount or reward offer. Go ahead and load all your cards instantly and get faster access to all those deal and coupons from your favorite merchants.

Whether it is groceries for your business or for your home, Peapod Mobile helps you with all your grocery shopping anytime and anywhere. And you make some good saving too. In fact, the new customers enjoy $6.95 savings on their first order. Now grocery shopping is as easy as the click of the mouse. All your groceries arrive fresh and right at your doorstep.


Catch them young, as they say, and make best use of this app that tracks chores and rewards. Get kids inspired and teach them how to manage their finances early on!   Both parents and kids get a lot to learn about spending and saving money.


Keep a track of your online purchases and find out about new price drops. Keep track of shipping and get an alert from the app every time there is a a great saving opportunity.


Did you know there are even money saving apps to help you find the best deals specifically on electronics? Keep decide.com by your side when you are shopping for electronics. Get the right alerts, guiding you on the right time to buy. Wait for a model upgrade and imminent price drop and a price guarantee on daily deals.

 Key Ring

Another great money saving app is to make use of your loyalty cards. Forget carrying around your plastic loyalty cards around as Key Ring allows you to store the info on your phone. Just enter your ID number and take a picture and then flash on your phone to save.



Note- This post contains affiliate links. However, we only recommend products that we feel are beneficial to our readers.  These money saving apps are definitely beneficial!

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  1. I don’t have any app gadgets because I’m old school and behind in technology. People are lucky I can take pictures with my phone now… (that literally just happened like a year ago, too)

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