Interview with Nathan Engels aka Mr Coupon of Extreme Couponing

Interview with Mr Coupon Nathan Engels from extreme couponing show

Few weeks ago, TLC launched a show : Extreme Couponing ,where it features people known as extreme couponers through their everyday savings and deals. It is captivating how people can save 90% of their grocery bills. I am trying to figure out how to do that and how I can use some of their techniques.

Nathan Engel aka Mr Coupon was featured few times on the show. Recently, I had the opportunity to interview him and even ask his mom a question. He is also the founder of We Use Coupons, a forum where people share their tips and help each other save money. I am a huge fan of this forum and I visit it on a regular basis.

Let’s discover few things about him, maybe I can use some of his tips and save more money

1-   OFW:  I am a Huge fan of your website : WeUseCoupons. Could you tell us how can we Use your website to do our fair part of couponing?

Mr Engels: WeUseCoupons is a collaborative site.  That means that thousands of people come together and share!!  It’s very cool.  If you are new to WUC, check out our intro video on how the site works!

2-    OFW: What’s a typical shopping week look like, for you?

Mr Engels: I get prepared, check online for deals.  Clip my coupons.  Shop.  Come home and organize LOL.  That’s about it, pretty boring right?

3-    OFW: You donated excess stockpile both times you were on the TV show.  How did you locate and choose charities to give to?

Mr Engels: Well I was a military brat, so going with that charity was only natural.  I’ve worked with Mark in the past and Operation TroopAid is a fantastic organization.  I find different charities usually through friends!  They know a friend of a friend!  It’s a cool thing to be able to give abundantly. 

4-   OFW: I’d love to hear what advice he has for those of us who want to save money, but don’t have time to advertise and actually “Extreme coupon”. I do my fair share of couponing and don’t come anywhere near the people on that show! How would you advise someone who wants to move from a couple coupons here and there to more substantial savings using coupons?

Mr Engels: Well truth be told I rarely save 90% on my grocery bill.  Sure it’s possible, but I buy meat and fresh produce weekly.  I generally save 50-70% on my grocery bill which is awesome in my opinion!!

5-   OFW: Since the show came on air, extreme couponing has caused some controversy among viewers: Many people view couponers as hoarders and someof them think they are maybe coupon frauding. What are your thoughts on that?

Mr Engels: Well I’ve committed on the alleged fraud in this article. As for hoarding, let me explain it this way:  When people save for 30, 40 or even 50 years for retirement no one blinks an eye, but if you or I want to save essentially using the same concept on my grocery bill people think it’s odd, LOL.  People ‘hoard’ lots of different things from Christmas decorations they use for 3 weeks out of the year to their kids clothes.  I live by a simple concept, why pay for something tomorrow when its free or cheap today? 

Question to your Mom
OFW: Mom, you must be proud of your son.  I know that’s it’s hard to get men on board of  these savings, what’s your advice to parents/wives to get all the family involved ?

Mr Engels’s Mom: Make it fun for your kids!  I always had mine help me cut out coupons.  Nathan’s dad still doesn’t get it though, he’s a lost cause!!

 We would like to thank Mr Engels for his time and his answers. We hope it made some light for you. Have a great couponing week!!!

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