Can you Shop on A Budget and Still Eat Organic?


Is it possible to shop on a budget and eat organic? This is one question that many moms have faced, especially if they want to eliminate all those chemicals and preservatives found in foods today. I know that as a mom I want my kids to eat healthy, organic ingredients, without all those added chemicals that are put in processed foods. Eating healthy and organic can put a strain on your grocery bill, but knowing where to find the deals, and what to buy can actually help with that budget crisis.

How to Eat Organic and Still Shop on a Budget

What if you only have $150 per week to feed a family of four? This may sound like a small budget to some people, but many families shop on a budget around this or less each week. When I have a tight budget I make out a grocery list that details what I will need for each meal I have planned for the week. It’s especially hard during those times that the kids are out of school, since the budget doesn’t change but the food consumption does.


By buying only what you can use for each meal, and using left over ingredients in your next meal, is a great way to decrease your expenses and help you to purchase more organic ingredients. Many of our meals call for similar ingredients, such as onions, peppers, and tomatoes. These staple ingredients can be bought at our local farmers market for a lot less than they would be at the typical grocery store, and they will also be pesticide free. When I want some organic beef or chicken, I can visit the local Butcher and request only organically raised beef or chicken.

Many of the meats raised on well-known farms are being feed grain to bulk them up faster and pumped with hormones to increase the fat in them. This can cause many problems with your children’s health. That is why it is so important that you know exactly where your meat comes from and protect your children from those hormones.

Other ways that I like to eat organic and still shop on a budget is to look for the store brand organic alternatives. Just because the store brand does not have a popular name brand label, doesn’t mean it is any less as good. Each grocery store has their own line of organic treats and staple foods. By reading the ingredients in each one of the items you purchase, you can be more aware of what your kids are eating.

I shop on a budget and still manage to buy plenty of organic produce each week.  When my budget has a little wiggle room I will buy some fresh, organic ice cream or snacks that are organic and gluten-free for my kids as a special treat. Each family is different, however, we all want what is best for our kids and their health.

So next time you are in the grocery store, check those ingredients and buy the organic, more healthy choice for your family. You will see a big difference in your kids health and your health, and if you take my advice and shop smart, you may even have a little bit of money left out of your grocery budget for that special treat.

Have you come up with a plan to eat organic and still shop on a budget? Share your tips below in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Can you Shop on A Budget and Still Eat Organic?”

  1. I buy some things organic and some things non. Bananas are always reasonable, so I always buy those organic. Cucumbers are 50 cents non and 2.00 organic so I have to really think about that one when our budget is tight.

  2. We shop for organic in the frozen section and get such great deals! I am a stickler about some things… which is why I love farmers markets in the spring summer and fall- so much good, local, organic product right from the source!

  3. Another idea would be to volunteer on a farm. Some smaller farms now look for volunteers to help out on a weekend and you get some produce in return.

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