5 Books to Read if You Find Yourself Lonely

Loneliness can be overwhelming at times. When I’m feeling down, I love these great books to read to relieve anxiety. They make me feel a little less alone.

When loneliness threatens to overwhelm, turn to one of our favorite books to read to relieve anxiety. Pervasive feelings of loneliness may lead to feeling depressed and anxious, which is why it can be helpful to read up on the subject of loneliness to understand its complexities.  There is a train of thought out there that a Self-Help book may make you feel worse.

However, I disagree completely: in fact, a book of this nature can help you work through the complex emotions associated with loneliness, and may even help you identify the underlying reasons for the feeling.  Another great kind of book to get your hands on is a workbook, where you can write down and put into words what precedes your feelings of loneliness.  Here are some great books to read for helping with feelings of loneliness.

Books to Read if You’re Feeling Lonely

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“Living Alone And Loving It” by Barbara Feldon

In this great read, Feldon shares her experiences on living alone, and being perfectly OK with it – and in fact, loving it.  With discussions of how we don’t necessarily need someone else to make us feel complete; tips for ending negative self-talk; and so much more, Feldon brings a much-appreciated book to the roundtable discussion of loneliness.  You can find it on Amazon here.


“Loneliness: Human Nature And The Need For Social Connection” by John T. Cacioppo and William Patrick

It is a fundamental need for human beings to interact with others.  In this factual and surprisingly funny work, authors Cacioppo and Patrick teach us just how much we have to gain from being around others: from feeling fulfilled to healthier overall.  An incredibly researched and very interesting book, you can find it here.

“Freedom From Loneliness: Fifty-Two Ways To Stop Feeling Lonely” by Jennifer Page

This is the story of one woman’s journey of self-discovery to find relief from her feelings of loneliness.  Not necessarily a how-to guide, but one woman’s quest to find more meaningful connections in today’s society.  This superb book can be found on Amazon.


“Leaving Loneliness: A Workbook: Building Relationships With Yourself And Others” by David S. Narang Ph.D.

This workbook can help you pinpoint the reasons for your feelings of loneliness through self reflection.  This great workbook will assist the reader in developing fuller and more satisfying relationships, thus helping to alleviate feelings of loneliness.  You can find it on Amazon.

“The Healing Your Aloneness Workbook: The 6-Step Inner Bonding Process For Healing Yourself And Your Relationships” by Erika J. Chopich and Margaret Paul

Another great workbook, the authors use a variety of techniques to help guide the reader towards feeling more spiritually connected within themselves such as: guided exercises, visualizations and inner dialogue.  A powerful and uplifting workbook, you can find it on Amazon.

Loneliness can be overwhelming at times. When I’m feeling down, I love these great books to read to relieve anxiety. They make me feel a little less alone.

Everyone feels lonely at some point or another in their lives.  I think that it’s important to know the difference between being alone and being lonely.  I hope you enjoyed my list of great books which can help with feelings of loneliness.

Do you have any favorite books to read when you’re feeling lonely? Share below!

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  1. I am often drowned in endless busywork and feel lonely before going to bed at night. I think these books will help me.

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