5 Fun Fitness Activities for Toddlers

Are you looking for some fun fitness activities for your toddler?  We have a bunch right here to get you started!

Are you looking for some fun fitness activities for your toddler?  We have a bunch right here!  These small humans seem to harbor so much energy, I am not sure where it comes from, but I wish he would give some to me!  It’s like they are little tiny energy suckers, sucking the life right out of you as they go.  Check out these fun fitness activities for your toddler, maybe he won’t deplete your energy supply completely.

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Fun Fitness Activities for Your Toddler

Play ball!

Who doesn’t love to play ball?  The bigger the better (just make sure he can pick it up!)  Take it outside and kick it around the yard, you both will get a some good exercise and some fresh air.  Lots of fresh air is good for everyone!  Playing ball will also help work on things like picking it up, throwing it, sharing, and an opportunity to work on words as well as having fun (which is what we do anyway right?)


Kids have a lot of energy (I happen to know, my son started walking a few months ago and is on the go all day long).  A fun game of tag outside (again, the fresh air) will be fun!  Don’t be mean, you’ve got to let him get you a few times.  Tumble on the ground when he tags you and you will get a huge belly laugh out of him (and quite possibly a toddler on top of you).  If it’s too rainy or cold out, you can still run around the house. I know, I know, no running in the house, but you can make an exception, right?

Dance like no one is watching

I love to dance!  Turn up the music and have a dance party.  It’s a good way to get the blood pumping (and even tire out an energetic tot!)  Whether it’s fun kids music or the radio, just get up and dance around the house.  We actually do this on a regular basis.  Or maybe I should say that I do and my daughter looks at me funny telling me to stop dancing and my son claps his hands.  You can’t please everyone I guess.

Walk like an animal

 This is fun activity because not only are you acting silly with your child (which we all know they love to do) you are learning about animals!  I find it so cute when kids learn about animals and how they walk and what sounds they make.  Take video too because it is super cute and you can show him later and talk about how animals walk.

Mommy & Me

You can always look for local Mommy and Me classes.  It will be a more structured time for activities, but it might also open you up to the opportunity of making some mommy friends and setting up playdates.  You know, time to let the little ones socialize and learn how to be share and all that fun stuff.

Teaching fitness and healthy activities early sets the stage for continuing healthy habits as he grows.  Not to mention, we all love a tuckered out tot!  Am I right?  Those little humans seem to have more energy that I would ever know what to do with!  Staying active with him benefits everyone, so get outside, play some tag and act silly!

What sort of fitness activities for your toddler do you love to do?  Share your ideas with us in the comment section below!

17 thoughts on “5 Fun Fitness Activities for Toddlers”

  1. It is so important that we engage our toddlers in to some fitness activities for a healthy growth & make sure it is filled with fun as well, so they get involved in to it. Play Ball, Singing songs & Walking like an animal has been my ways of handling my kids!

  2. Have you ever seen the videos of mommies working out by using their children as weights? :) That’s my dream right there.. spending time with them while getting fit, and as they grow, they join in the exercise!

  3. My girls love singing and dancing! These are all super fun for toddlers and we can make good memories out of them too.

  4. My kids are in school now, but we just bought a gymnastics mat off Amazon *free shipping w Prime, and wished I would have bought one when they were younger. They need it to practice gymnastics and wrestling at home, but we certainly would have loved it when they were toddlers.

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