Exercise for Children Has Many Added Benefits Other than Weight Control

One in three children in the United States is topping the charts of obesity. Naturally, better food choices along with a regular exercise plan are called for. However, exercise has many benefits for children other than weight control. What are the benefits? Also, how much exercise is really needed?
Family Exercising
There are strong reasons why you should make sure your children are exercising. Sedentary lifestyles for children, as in adults, are not healthy. A study conducted at the Georgia Health Sciences University showed that when a group of sedentary overweight school-age children were put on a regular after-school exercise program they performed better on goal-oriented tasks and scored better on mathematics. This should be no surprise since other research has shown similar results. In one school gym classes increased from one day to five days week, at 40 minutes of activity. The students showed significant improvement in their grades. (Daily Gym Class Improves Kids’ Grades)

Here are a few more eye-opening benefits your children will receive from exercise:

■improves the cardiovascular system
■improves the child’s mood
■decreases chance of getting Type 2 diabetes
■improves self-esteem
■stronger bones and muscles
■increases energy
■children sleep better
■stimulates a substance that promotes brain cell growth resulting
in better cognitive skills including concentration
■establishes early on that good fitness habits are important even through adulthoodThese are positive benefits that have far reaching effects into your child’s adult years. Hopefully, you agree exercise is great for your kids; but you may be wondering how much exercise is enough?According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children and adolescents should do one hour or more of physical activity a day. Daily exercise should be a combination of aerobic (moderate intensity as well as vigorous intensity), bone and muscle strengthening. For further detailed information to determine what is moderate and vigorous intensity go to Physical Activity for Everyone. This site will also give you some ideas for incorporating exercise into your child’s daily routine.Making sure your child is getting enough age-appropriate exercise is vital to their good health now and into the future. What will you do? Don’t let the computer or television take over your child’s life. Get up and exercise together. Make it fun. Yes, be wise and exercise!