Safe Summer Fun Family Fitness Tips & Homemade Sports Drink Recipe


When spring makes it presence known the whole family heads to the outdoors. Even on rainy days you can’t help but step outside for that fresh Spring air. Yard chores suddenly are fun. Exercise seems to happen naturally and in general, the whole world seems to come to life…. Then the heat of summer sets in. Family fitness goals may get pushed aside because it’s just too hot out to do anything. This is the time when your family makes the choice to keep moving forward or go back to the air-conditioned couch. Since your family is going to keep working on fitness goals, it’s time to learn how to do them safely in the heat of summer.

Safe Summer Family Fitness

Timing is Everything

Sometimes getting out of the heat is all about the timing. If your family enjoys outdoor fitness, consider getting up earlier to get outside before the heat of the day sets in. Conversely you can also save your outdoor  family fitness routines for after dinner when the temperature dies down a bit. Walking is one of the most healthy forms of exercise there is. A nice long walk after dinner not only helps keep you in shape; it also helps with the digestion of your dinner.

Keep Hydrated

It’s easy to let yourself become dehydrated in the sun. Sometimes you have so much fun that you don’t even realize how dehydrated you are. That can be dangerous… especially on really hot days. If it slips your mind, then you know your small children aren’t thinking about it. You can keep hydrated by snacking on juicy fruits and vegetables through the day or by making your own sports drink. Don’t rely on water because it lacks things like potassium and salt that also needs replenishing. Below is a recipe for a simple sports drink you can make from all organic materials. It can be frozen and taken with you on outings.

Homemade Sports Drink


  • 14 cups of water
  • salt
  • baking soda
  • lemons, limes, and honey or Stevia.

Combine 1 tablespoon of salt with ½ teaspoon of baking soda. Mix in water. Add 1 cup of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of lime juice. If you prefer to use honey or are making this for someone who is ill, add ½ cup of local organic honey. The honey will help boost the immune system and assist in decreasing allergy symptoms. It may seem hard to dissolve in cold water, but it eventually will if you keep stirring. Avoid heating the water and stirring the honey on as this takes away from its nutritional value. People who have high blood sugar may want to avoid honey and use a ½ teaspoon of Stevia instead.

Head indoors on hot days

Fun family fitness doesn’t have to stop just because the weather gets warmer. If it really gets too hot to be outside at all, consider using indoor materials like fitness tapes, dancing, Kinnect, Wii, and other options. You can even find plenty of fun exercises online through sites like Youtube. Keep moving, but always be safe about it. Your family can stay safe and fit this summer without any trouble at all.

 What are your favorite tips for safe family fitness during the summer?

3 thoughts on “Safe Summer Fun Family Fitness Tips & Homemade Sports Drink Recipe”

  1. Great tips!! I particularly love the sports drink recipe. I play soccer and in the summer it is soooo hot and I need some major re-hydration but I avoid drinks like Gatoradae because of the “extras” that in it.

  2. Thank you for the sports drink recipe! My husband goes through a ton of that stuff but I think we’ll try to make it now!

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