Glam Up Your Workout Routine with the Misfit Swarvoski Shine


Ever wish you could glam up your fitness routine a bit? Now you can with the Misfit Swarvoski Shine! While fitness and health trackers are pretty much everywhere these days, I have to admit that I’ve never seen anything quite like this before! It would definitely make a fabulous gift idea for Mother’s Day or a special birthday. Although, to be honest, I’d be afraid of losing it! Our correspondent at CES had a chance to check it out in person. She was super impressed by its beauty! Check out what she had to say about this uber-glamorous fitness item!

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Misfit Swarvoski Shine Glams Up Your Fitness Routine


If there was one Fitness item that was the talk of CES it was the Misfit Swarvoski Shine. In the world of wearables, companies have been trying to make their products more fashionable. When fitness is part of fashion, people tend to wear the device more and for longer periods of time.

The Misfit Swarvoski Shine is utterly beautiful. It comes in a pendant chain and looks like an expensive necklace. It also comes as a bracelet in a variety of colors. The Misfit Swarvoski Shine is solar powered and recharges without having to be plugged in.


The Misfit Swarvoski Shine is like the other fitness trackers in the Misfit Shine line as it will track your fitness and sleep patterns. The dots around the face will light up as you complete more fitness activity, especially walking or running.

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Be on the lookout for the Misfit Swarvoski Shine to hit the market in late second quarter of 2015. Prices will range from $170 to $250, depending on which set you buy. Considering that many similar fitness products already cost in the $100 range, it’s really not that much of a price difference over the less glamorous options.

What do you think of the Misfit Swarvoski Shine? Is it an incredibly fashionable way to track your workouts and glam up your fitness routine? Or do you think it’s a bit over-the-top? Tell us in the comments!

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