Which Outdoor Fall Sports Are the Best for Your Kids?


Outdoor fall sports for kids are a great way to keep your kids active and help them learn about team work. Check out our picks for the best sports!

So, you child wants to play outdoor fall sports this season, right? Sports are one of the best extracurricular activities for kids. I signed up my son for cross country running and my daughter for fall soccer. It is a bit chilly. I make sure to dress them up in layers. Few minutes after, they start taking off some. Sports help kids to stay active, helps them learn sportsmanship, helps improves their social skills and helps them develop a lifelong hobby. Here are some of the best fall sports for your kids to play.

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Best Outdoor Fall Sports for Kids

Flag football– Flag football is one of the best outdoor fall sports for kids because it doesn’t have a lot of the dangers associated with it that tackle football does. However, you do need to expect some falling down now and then on the field. Flag football is ideal for kids who likes to play catch. It is a sport that is designed to teach kids how to play on a team and how to play well with others.

Field hockey– Field hockey is a sport that many kids love to be involved in. Field hockey is a non-contact sport where kids focus on building their playing skills. They (and their parents) don’t have to worry about contact with other players. Filed hockey is also a great sport for friendship building due to the team environment.

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Soccer– Soccer is a sport that can pretty much be played at any age. The rules are pretty easy to follow, there isn’t much equipment that is needed to play and provides kids with a great deal of exercise. It is one of the more popular fall sports among kids. According to FIFA’s Big Count Survey, there are 265 million soccer players worldwide, with the United States having over 24 million alone.

Cross country running– Cross country running is a fall sport where teams and individuals race on natural terrain like grassy fields and wooded paths. Junior high cross country tracks are 2 miles long while high school courses are 3.1 miles in length. One of the most attractive qualities of cross country running is that everyone participates. There are no players being benched or even cut from the team. While the first 7 runners are the scoring team, each and every runner still gets to run the course.

Do your mini-mes play any of these great outdoor fall sports for kids? Did you enroll them in any for the first time? Share your stories in the comments!

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