8 Mood-Lifting Things to Do When You’re Feeling Down

Boost your mood, fight depression and find some anxiety relief with these self-esteem activities for women that help you when you’re feeling down.

There are no two ways about it: everyone feels down or deals with anxiety from time to time.  Personally, I think that it’s completely normal to feel a bit off sometimes – nobody can feel happy all the time.  I think it’s important to recognize your feelings and move forward.  Here’s some things that you can do when you’re feeling down, things that have always made me feel better.

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8 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Down

Let It In Then Let It Go

It helps me to acknowledge my feelings when I’m having a low day.  I also find it helpful to try to figure out why I’m feeling down: it can be anything from being tired from a bad night’s sleep; to a tough day at home with my son; to a fight with my husband or a family member.  I try to remind myself that these things happen and move forward.  Not to say it’s always easy, but it definitely helps me from blowing things out of proportion.


You’d be surprised how much better you feel after hitting a punching bag for fifteen minutes while listening to your favorite music!  Any kind of physical activity that you enjoy will most definitely lighten your mood.  You don’t need to run a half marathon or anything; even simple activities can soothe the soul: taking your dog for a walk; running around with your kids in the backyard; dancing around to your favorite music by yourself, practicing a little yoga.  It doesn’t matter what it is, just do it!

Let It Out

Sometimes we need to just get out frustrations out by screaming and /or crying.  I actually enjoy a good cry from time to time.  It helps me to get my emotions out, rather than keeping them bottled up inside.  Just be sure to keep some tissues handy.


Speaking of getting your emotions out, it can also be helpful to talk about them.  Be it with friends, family, your significant other, or therapist; talking is a great way to get through what’s bothering you.

Be Alone

Sometimes the best thing you can do when you’re feeling down is take a few steps back and be by yourself.  I’m always amazed how much better I feel after some alone time.


I’ve found myself feeling down and looking to social media to make myself feel better in the past.  Honestly, it was the worse thing I could have done.  I got annoyed and angry with all of the inanities that people were posting about and simultaneously felt disappointed that more people didn’t “like” my photos.  Not a good combination when you’re feeling low, to begin with. Now I am mindful of how social media can make me feel, and avoid it when I’m feeling down.

Get Out

Go outside and get some fresh air.  You don’t even need to do anything, but I have found that just being outside can make me feel better when I just want to crawl back under the covers.  Some days I literally have to force myself to get out of the door, but in the end, I am always glad I did.

Get Rid Of Toxicity

Are there things in your life that make you feel bad about yourself on a regular basis?  Perhaps it’s a friendship with someone; maybe you have an unhealthy relationship with a certain family member, or it could be anything else at all!  Whatever it is, don’t go near it when you’re not feeling up to it.  Trust me; you’ll be glad you stayed away.

I hope that you enjoyed my ways of coping when I’m not feeling myself.  I also hope that some of my strategies can help you cope when you’re in low spirits.  What are some of the things that you do when you’re feeling down?

As a side note, it’s so important to recognize the difference between simply feeling down occasionally and a feeling that may be more than that.  If you are concerned that you might be depressed, it is crucial to speak to your doctor.

Do you have any favorite things you do when you’re feeling down? Share in the comments!

12 thoughts on “8 Mood-Lifting Things to Do When You’re Feeling Down”

  1. When I start to feel like this I hit the pavement. Walking/Jogging/Sprinting has been such a huge help in my life. Really puts bad feelings away.

  2. Really great tips! I think I need to try all these. Sometimes I feel so stressed and I think I’m not my usual self. It’s great to know these easy steps.

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