What to Wear Skiing Beyond Skis, Helmets and Poles

Wondering what to wear skiing beyond the basics? Check out this list of gear to keep you comfortable on the slopes. This post contains affiliate links.


The first year we started skiing- the year I got over my fear of skiing– we put on our regular winter clothes, snow pants and regular ski gloves! After one trip up and down the hill,  we were sweating like crazy! Then of course we got chills and shivers from that sweat! We were not properly dressed for skiing.  We had to search for what to wear skiing! Here is a list I created that will help you enjoy your skiing trips. By the way, this list of what to wear skiing works for both adults and kids!

 What to wear skiing!

You need of course ski boots, a helmet, snow suit,  skis and ski poles! But besides that you will need to wear proper skiing apparel to be comfortable!


  • Ski Base Layer: This layer will replace your clothes! It is an insulated layer that will regulate your body temperature. It will help you stay dry because it will move perspiration away from your body. There are different kinds of base layers: one piece, 2 pieces, long sleeve, short sleeve and so on. I personally prefer 2 pieces: 1 long sleeve top and 1 long leg bottom! You can choose either a wool layer or synthetic.  The wool ones are more expensive but I find they are perfectly suited for very cold days! If they’re not in your budget, the synthetic ones still do a great job and are less expensive. I have a wool base layer, whereas my kids and husband have synthetic ones. During the very cold days of skiing, they add an extra layer whereas I don’t! It depends on your budget and number of times you are skiing during the season. The wool layer costs $50 on sale! The synthetic ones cost around $40 on sale! It’s not a huge difference!


  • Ski socks: You cannot go skiing with your regular socks. You will freeze to death! Believe me! I had blue toes on one day because I did not put on proper socks. I usually buy those ski socks from ski shops when they are on sale. They cost around $15 a pair on sale so stock up! On those extra cold days, you can put toe warmers on.


  • Ski gloves: It is the same reasoning behind the socks: you cannot put on your regular gloves. You will need insulated gloves that will keep you warm and will make it easier for you to hold your ski poles. Again on cold days, you can add hand warmers! You can buy them in bulk in any ski store or Costco.


  • Ski goggles: I was wondering: why do I need goggles? For two reasons: to protect your eyes from those very cold days and from sun glare. Since both of my kids wear glasses, we bought them goggles that reduced the mist from their glasses. And yes they keep their glasses during skiing!

Together, these items will help you stay much warmer and more comfortable when you hit the slopes.

Now that you know what to wear skiing, will you be heading out to your nearest hill anytime soon?

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  1. That is a great tip especially to those new
    to the blogosphere. Brief but very accurate information… Thank you for sharing this one.
    A must read post!

  2. A warm base layer is important!! Not that I have ever been skiing but I’ve seen my husband getting ready to go snowboarding and it is all about layering!

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