Eating High Fiber Foods without the Gassy Side Effects

Are there high fiber foods that won’t give you gas? There are such foods! Keep reading to figure out if you already eat them.

Are there high fiber foods that won’t give you gas?  It might be helpful to know first which common foods are high in fiber and do cause gas.  Fiber is good for your body, it helps to rid your body of waste (hence the unpleasant side effect).  Foods that are high in fiber and will most likely result in gas include beans, bran products (which we all know), oatmeal, whole wheat products like some of your cereals and breads, brussel sprouts (I eat a lot of these!) and also some fruits like pears, peaches, apples and the one everyone knows, prunes.  It doesn’t mean you stop eating these foods, but check out some that won’t have such an effect on you.

High Fiber Foods That Won’t Give You Gas

Fiber foods with little to no side effects

Fresh food is always best right?  Many are easy on your digestive tract as well.  Even foods high in fiber don’t have to cause you to be uncomfortable.  Strawberries are a great source of fiber as well with little effect on your digestive tract.  While they lose some of their fiber because of the process in which they go through, canned foods are good.  Because they lose some of the fiber in the process, they are easier on your system.

What can you do to prevent excessive gas?

Avoid some things

Did you know that the gum you chew can cause you to have gas?  Yea me either, but if you are chewing gum that contains sorbitol, it is aiding your gas problem.  You should also consider cutting down on things like sugar-free candy (candy isn’t good for you anyway) and carbonated beverages (which are also not good for you).

Stay Hydrated

Water, water and more water.  Drinking plenty of water will help keep uncomfortable gas away.  The rule of thumb is to drink half your weight in ounces.  So if you weigh 200 pounds, you want to be drinking 100 ounces of water per day.  The easiest way I have found to do this is to drink from a sports cup, some sort of water bottle.

Keep a log and pay attention

Keeping a log of what you eat and how you feel will help you to realize what is causing your discomfort.  You don’t have to do this forever, just for maybe a week or so and it will help you understand the causes, so you can make some changes.

Slow down

Inhaling air might be part of your problem as well.  Slow down a little when you eat, as good as it might taste or you as hungry as you are, just slow down.  Eating fast causes you to take in more air.

We all need fiber, but no one wants the ugly side effects that often comes along with eating foods rich in fiber.  Not everything that has fiber has to give you gas (or a lot of it anyway).  Moderation is key, just like in most things.  Keep your diet varied, so you don’t get bored.  No one wants to get bored eating right?

Do you have any other helpful suggestions on other high fiber foods that won’t give you gas?  Share with us below, I am sure there will be many thankful people! 

5 thoughts on “Eating High Fiber Foods without the Gassy Side Effects”

  1. I eat a very high fiber diet (mostly vegetarian), but don’t have gas… then I read the secret in your post. I also drink LOTS of water. I had no idea that helps. Thanks for the tips.

  2. That’s pretty interesting. I don’t know if I’m lucky but when I eat high fiber food I don’t normally get gassy, my metabolism just acts faster.

  3. This is actually something I fight on a regular basis. It is frustrating to try and eat healthier whole foods only to have to deal with this side effect!

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