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Spring is the best time to get out and enjoy some great family fitness activities! The weather is just right and you feel full of energy now that those cold winter days are gone. You love the warm weather and longer days that are just right for such exercising activities. It is to enjoy some family fitness fun  and burn calories so as to stay on track with your fitness goals. Usually, people remain a little less active during the winter, and hope to catch up with their fitness in the spring. So get your whole family going and enjoy some wonderful fitness exercises together and remain in good health and shape.

Five Great Family Fitness Activities for Spring


This is the best way to start you outdoors in the spring. It is fun to bicycle together with family or friends. Mountain biking and touring rides can be a great aerobic activity. You not only improve flexibility but also strengthen your joints as well as work on your cardio. Find some great biking trails and go bicycling together.


Running and jogging are another great aerobic activity that helps improve your health and family fitness. Just get a good pair of jogging shoes for everyone in your family and get going. Progress may be slow during the first three weeks but results will be wonderful from thereon.

Hula Hooping

Hula hooping is a great spring family fitness activity. It is fun and very effective too. Those hoops weigh about 3 lbs and will work on all the main muscle groups in your body. Hooping together is a great family activity and strengthens the muscles in the back, abdomen, and pelvis. This is a complete aerobic workout.


Another great fitness program for the spring is walking for at least half an hour or one hour daily. Walking for longer periods offers the same benefits as running.  The circulation of blood improves and this is an excellent bone-strengthening program. Start with 15- to 20 minutes and gradually increase to one hour of walking every day. If  you’re walking by yourself, slip on a pair of sport headphones and listen to your favorite upbeat music!

Rope jumping

Another great activity for the whole family can be as simple as rope jumping. The whole family can join in taking turns and jump away to fitness. This is one of the fastest ways to burn calories.


Go ahead and pick any of the above fitness activities with your family this spring. This is a great way to spend some quality time together and keep in good health too. If you need to pick up some new shoes or active wear to help get your family fitness activities going, Reebok is offering 15% off your order + free shipping now through April 2nd with the cold MARCH15!


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  1. We love to go on family fitness activities like walking and riding bikes around the neighborhood. It always makes wonderful memories and the kids love it and we all get active.

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