Family Fitness Activities that Help the Planet


Ready to spend some time getting fit with your family? Family fitness time is a great way to keep your entire family healthy while giving everyone a chance to bond and grow closer. If you’re ready to have some fun with family fitness activities, these eco-friendly activities are perfect! Not only do they help you work out, they are also good for the planet.

Family Fitness Activities that Help the Planet

Plant Some Trees

You’d be amazed at how many calories you and your family can burn while planting trees. Before you can even think about planting trees, you will need to dig a hole big enough for the plant. This will definitely give everyone in the family a great arm and torso workout. After digging the holes, you will need to carry the saplings to the hole, covering it with dirt. Not only will planting trees give you and your family a chance to bond over fitness, it will also help the planet since trees are an important part of nature!

Clean Up the Park

Another great way to get some exercise with your family while helping the planet is to clean up the park. Take a trip to your local park, bringing along trash bags and lawn equipment. You and your family can walk around, picking up trash, raking leaves, or pulling weeds. Your local park will look wonderful when you’re done and you’ll feel like you got a great workout. Even young kids can participate in this activity!

Ride Your Bikes


Are you ready to save the planet? Then pull out the family bikes. Instead of driving to the gym or to a community center, you and your family can ride your bikes there. Riding bikes instead of driving a car will help keep the air clean, reducing your impact on the earth.

Keep It Outside

No matter which fitness activity you try to do, the best way to get a workout with your family and save the planet is to keep it outside. Gyms and community centers use a lot of energy and natural resources, which can make a negative impact on the planet. By doing natural activities outside, you’re reducing the need for these places that use up our resources.


What are your favorite fitness activities to do with your family that also help the planet?

17 thoughts on “Family Fitness Activities that Help the Planet”

  1. I love the outdoors. I run with my little guy in the jogging stroller and my older son bikes in front of us. :)

  2. I am never afraid to pick up a piece of garbage when out anywhere. I think we can all do this, it is very easy.

  3. Louanne Baelde

    Great ideas for keeping fit and helping the environment at the same time. Thank you for sharing!

  4. We like walking and my son takes his bike. We taker our dog with us and if we see garbage on our walk we pick it up and take it to a garbage which is sometimes not until we get back home.

  5. When the weather allows, we try to get outside as much as possible! (sometimes we have to bundle up a bit more)

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