High Octane Fun

Are you tired of the same familiar family days out? Bored of mediocre woodland walks or unremarkable bike rides? We take a look at a range of inspiring adrenaline-fuelled activities that all ages can enjoy guaranteed to get pulses racing and promising an unforgettable adventure for parents kids and teens alike.

Make Tracks

Discover the wonders of the woodland on two wheels with a Segway safari. These all-terrain vehicles will allow you to rev up your riding skills on muddy trails and country pathways as you go off the beaten track. Experienced instructors will help you get to grips with the innovative controls on this supreme eco-machine before you head out for a spin on your very own futuristic transporter. There are loads of guided courses nationwide recommended for off-road-hogs aged 11 upwards.

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Be Right on Target

Awaken your inner Robin Hood with a day on the firing range as you master the art of archery. You’ll develop your skills of aim and co-ordination as you propel arrows towards the bullseye in this merry medieval pastime. A family tournament is fun for everyone and will definitely hit the spot. Aim for your local range for lessons or an activity day.

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Get into the Swing of Things

Revive your childhood days of climbing with an elevated forest adventure. Scale the tree-top obstacle course complete with wobbly walkways rope-ladders and zip wires. You’ll fly through the air with the greatest of ease fully secure thanks to safety harnesses and pulleys. Find your nearest woodland aerial-adventure circuit or do it the old-school way at one of the many authorised tree-climbing centres across the UK.

Forest Adventure
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Climb the Walls

Indulge in some hardcore urban sport at an outdoor climbing wall. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cragsman there are coloured climbing routes for all abilities and you can learn safety skills and techniques from expert instructors. Build your confidence by getting off the ground and taking on the rockface – it’s one of the best ways to keep fit and it’s wall-to-wall fun to boot.

Outdoor Climbing Wall
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Catch the Wave

Surf’s up! Ride the swell all the way to shore in the family activity that’s all about maximum invigoration! Make the most of British seaside at one of the country’s popular surfing destinations where you will find surf schools and camps that offer lessons for those who want to hone their board skills. For the less committed try your hand at body-surfing which is basically just surfing without the board. Best locations are determined by strength of the wind combined with the shape of the seabed so check out the hottest spots on the surf scene before heading out.

Lose yourself

Find some direction with a navigation expedition as you discover the joys of orienteering. An exercise for body and mind you’ll need to find the quickest route between a number of points in order to complete the course using just a map and compass. Walk or run the pace is set by you and it’s a great way to foster concentration and a love of the outdoors in younger explorers. From remote forests to urban parks you can take part in this adventure sport just about anywhere. Contact your local orienteering clubs for more details.

Fly by Kite

Harness the power of the wind to propel yourself across the waves on a kite-surfing trip. This is an action-packed daredevil sport so you’ll need guidance from a qualified instructor to avoid any ‘kitemares’. Large open bodies of water are ideal but this activity is reliant on wind conditions so find your local BKSA-recognised school for lessons and tips on how to get maximum air-time!

Roll with it

Face your spheres and have a go at the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll experience! Zorbing involves rolling down a gentle slope in an orb of see-through plastic. You can try a harnessed globe or an aqua-zorb where the ball is filled with water to guarantee you a drenching. Interior air layers cushion any bumps along the way and orbs can take two or more intrepid riders. This zany way to travel takes place at a number of commercial locations in the UK so get the ball rolling and find your nearest sphering site.

Zorbing in the UK
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Beat around the Bush

The family will go wild for a wilderness survival experience that will take you back to nature. Learn valuable skills such as shelter building fire lighting tracking stealth and foraging so you’ll know how to thrive in the countryside. See the woodland as you never have before as it comes alive at sunrise and flourishes through to twilight plus enjoy a night out under the stars. There are centres throughout the country that offer courses for brave enthusiasts including one founded by Ray Mears himself.

Go with the Tide

For those who like a bit of everything coasteering has it all including swimming climbing scrambling jumping and diving. This guided recreational activity is true thrill-seeking at its best and you’ll be fully kitted out in wetsuits gloves helmet and life jacket as you explore the gullies caves and rocks of the coastline. This is adventure at its purest and with constantly-changing tides and weather no two coasteering trips are ever the same. There are over 100 activity centres country-wide offering exhilarating courses for all abilities and ages.