Fun Family Fitness Classes to Take Together


Fun family fitness classes are a great way to help keep your family active! Trying to stay in shape is not an easy thing with today’s busy world. What seems like a relatively simple thing often becomes quite difficult when life starts happening. One effective approach to guarantee you get your workouts in is to make it a family affair. Kids and parents alike need to stay in shape no matter how busy life gets. Joining classes together can create great habits and make it a lifestyle rather than a chore. It also allows you to have a ton of time together which is always a good thing.

Here are five great ideas for family fitness classes you can take together:


Flexibility is certainly a byproduct of doing yoga, but it is no one trick pony…yoga gets you in shape too! Joining a yoga class as a family will teach you all to stretch properly, build flexibility and prepare your body for a healthier existence. Yoga also requires a certain level of stamina as you advance through the stages. Join a class as a family and you will quickly see the benefits both mentally and physically. You can even practice yoga during pregnancy with some precautions!


Aerobics became popular quite a long time ago and it is still a centerpiece for classes devoted to health and fitness. There is nothing quite like working up a good, powerful sweat and working your muscles. Joining an aerobics class as a family will build a home full of powerhouses that are loaded with energy all the time.

Dance Lessons

Dance lessons are a very underrated way for families to get in shape and burn calories. Best of all, it is a lower impact way of doing so. This is great for a family that might not be in the best of shape starting out. Dancing burns a ton of calories in all of it’s various forms and it is so much fun, you won’t even notice you are working out! Plus, you will be able to show off your family skills at weddings and various celebrations through the years! That makes these fun family fitness classes totally worth it!

Sports Training

Whatever sport you and your family enjoys most, there are classes out there to improve at them. From golf lessons to tennis classes, there are plenty of fun family fitness classes you can join as a family to get in shape. Family fitness can take many forms and sports training is a good way to do it and have fun at the same time.

Cycling Classes

Of all the family fitness classes to get in shape, cycling has got to be one of the most exciting. Getting out on the open road as a group and riding to a beautiful destination is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. In the meantime, you are burning calories and building muscles to power you through the week. Be sure to check out our biking safety tips before you head out!

Do you know of any fun family fitness classes? Tell us in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Fun Family Fitness Classes to Take Together”

  1. I think it’s terrific to get your children started with healthy habits as young as possible. That way it becomes a habit for them. I’m the host of Functional Fitness on Public Television and although the workouts are for middle age to seniors, I get a kick out of the letters of people telling me they do the exercises with their grand kids. Kids are great fun to work out as their enjoyment is contagious!
    Suzanne Andrews
    Founder of Functional Fitness, PBS TV

  2. I also like to bring my boy to the outdoor park. It’s quiet and while he is playing I use the jungle gym type stuff to do pull ups, leg lifts, abs crunches, push ups, step ups….anything really :)

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