How ski became our favorite outdoor family activity

I have to admit it: I am afraid of heights, mountains and chair lifts! I was always reluctant to try skiing. I was inventing all sorts of excuses: It is expensive, the kids can get hurt, my friend broke her leg, etc. My husband was desperate.

Until one day, my husband told me that he signed up all the family for ski lessons. He saved enough money for months to buy the equipment’s and pay for an instructor. I did not have the choice: I had to go! I was not very happy that he did it behind my back! But I guess I did not leave him with much of a choice!

So he signed up in this nice resort where we had ski lessons for 2 hours a day for 5 days! The kids had their own instructor and my husband and I had ours! I was a bit ashamed because I had to learn along with other kids! I swallowed my pride and put on the required equipment.

Not an easy family activity!

The first day, it took me 45 minutes to prepare myself! By the time I went to the hill, I was already tired. The kids were so excited that they put their equipment without whining! My mom says we look like astronauts in our outfits.


My 4-year-old was happy play with other kids .


At first we had to use a magic carpet! It was fun and not scaring! The weather was not too cold so I enjoyed my first lesson.

The second day, we had to go in the chairlift. I was totally paralysed. I could not but the instructor sat next to me and helped me through this. I acted less scared than I was because my little one also went in the chairlift and enjoyed too! I had to do it: I did not want to show my daughter that I was sacred!

 The little ones were following their instructor and enjoying the fresh air

Look at this champion! He is having a blasthow-ski-became-our-favorite-outdoor-family-activity
After few lessons, I started enjoying this activity: The fresh air makes you feel good, healthy and you can exercise as a family! So now, each Sunday, we go skiing and we have a great family time. And you? What is your favorite winter activity?



7 thoughts on “How ski became our favorite outdoor family activity”

  1. You are brave! I have never been skiing, but have always wanted to try it. I think it would be a lot of fun, but I don’t think I would have been able to handle to ski lift! I am scared of heights! Children are not afraid to try new things like ‘we’ adults are. I would love the snow! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Angela, I do not consider myself very brave. My eyes are full of tears when I climb in the chairlift! So I end up skiing in the small hills with little ones.
      I just do it because the kids love it and it is a great outdoor activity!

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