Fun Family Fitness Ideas to Help You Get Healthy Together!


It’s important to make family fitness fun. A boring jog that no one wants to do isn’t exactly going to make your kids excited about getting fit. Keep in mind that when it comes to fitness it is more than just being active. It’s a mindset and a whole new lifestyle. Take a look at a few fun family fitness ideas to liven up your family’s commitment to get healthier together!

Fun Family Fitness Ideas

Plan an Event

Instead of setting goals like weight loss, why not try to reach your potential? Plan a fun family fitness event that has all sorts of crazy challenges! Before the event you can all work toward being able to complete the items in the event. For instance, make a treasure hunt jogging event. Each person hides an item on the trail. Another person has to find it and you all only have a limited amount of time to get it done. You can make an entire day of events like these that you work up to a goal.

Look Beyond the Boring

Some people just don’t enjoy regular fitness classes, jogging, or working out. As a family you have to look at all of the needs and interests of everyone. Instead of setting a time to “workout”, set up Zuma time, Kinect time, or something similar. Take the family dancing. Go swimming. Do anything other than just sitting in front of the television. Try something new like rock climbing or white water rafting. Challenge yourself and your family to step outside of the comfort zone with fitness as the theme.

Exchange Furniture

This particular  activity is perfect for those who are just getting into the world of family fitness. Remove all couches and chairs. Place them in the garage and lock the garage up. Replace said furniture with stability balls (affiliate link).  Stability balls give everyone something to sit on, but they also require balance and limited movement. The stability ball forces you to focus on your core. The more you focus on your core without even realizing it, the more inclined you will all be to want to meet other fitness goals.

Creative Cooking

If your family is trying to get in shape, it starts in the way they think. What you eat is the second component because there isn’t much sense in working out to get healthy before you scarf down a bag of chips. Challenge each other to cook something different. Offer a specific set of ingredients and each of you make something with them. You can also designate days of the week for each person to cook. Limit the options with things like calories, carbs, and so forth. You will all learn how to cook and eat healthier. In the meantime your family will come up with creative new ideas for healthy foods.

Above all, you have to challenge yourself and your family to get in the mind set of living a healthy lifestyle. Talk seriously about fitness goals and the changes you are making. Discuss how you currently feel and how you would like to feel. Talk about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to make it known when your diet and exercise are giving you more energy. Most important, have fun with fitness as a family. It will being you together in more ways than one.

Do you have any favorite fun family fitness ideas?

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