Doctors Aren’t Giving up on Michael Schumacher & I’m Not Giving Up Skiing

Rumors were flying around the internet this week about doctors giving up on trying to bring Michael Schumacher out of his coma. The 45-year-old  F1 Racing legend suffered a terrible life-threatening accident while skiing with his son in France about two months ago. Michael Schumacher hit his head on a boulder when he lost control after running over a rock during his trip down the slopes.

Michael Schumacher
Photo Source: Italian Heritage Magazine

While some news sources reported that doctors were giving up on trying to bring Michael Schumacher out of his coma, it seems they may have “jumped the gun,” to use a racing term. Schumacher’s manager and family quickly squashed those rumors. Doctors will in fact continue their efforts to save the racer. When something like this happens, it can make people think. Is skiing a dangerous sport? Should we give it up? Will I give it up?

Michael Schumacher wouldn’t give up racing, I’m not giving up skiing!

I will not give it up!  As scared as I am of skiing and hills and all what comes with it-vertigo, nausea-I will not give up on skiing! Even after that tragic accident to Michael Schumacher! The F1 legend who was spent his life doing one of the most dangerous sports is almost felled by a skiing accident. What does this tell me? You never know when these sad things happen. Schumacher spent his life racing at incredible speeds around the track. I don’t even know how fast those cars go! The point is, he risked his life every time he got behind the wheel at a race, yet ended up getting hurt doing something that millions of people do every winter.

Does this scare me? Of course it does. Does this encourage me to stop skiing? No, it doesn’t.  Why? Because accidents happen. Living in fear of what could happen is frustrating.  What example am I giving to my children? Be afraid of things and don’t ever step out of the house? If I am bound to die on a ski hill, then so be it! But I will not stop myself nor my family from practicing a sport or an activity because it could be potentially dangerous.

Will I be careless? Of course not! We will ski safely, put our helmets on and do our best to not get injured. Most of all, we’ll still have fun! After all,  living in the fear is no way to live! We cannot move forward or accomplish things if we never take risks!

What do you think? When you hear about an accident involving your favorite sport, does it make you want to give it up?

8 thoughts on “Doctors Aren’t Giving up on Michael Schumacher & I’m Not Giving Up Skiing”

  1. This is extremely sad. Prayers go out to him and his family and fans. I really get so sad when I see someone so young and healthy go through accidents like this.

  2. I do not ski or do any sports for that matter. However you can be hit by a car crossing the street with the light as well-does this mean I am going to stop crossing streets? I don’t think so!

  3. Latest news says neurologists claim Schumacher will not make full recovery. It’s a sad one but we can always hope for miracle.

    Good luck on skiing lessons! That is on my bucket list too =)

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