Fun Family Fitness Ideas for the Fall


Get ready to celebrate cooler temps with some fun family fitness ideas for the fall! The season brings a drop in temperatures as the winter season is right around the corner. No longer do you have to worry about sweltering temperatures giving you excuses not to get outside and exercise! Family fitness is very important and something that every family should invest in. The fall season provides tons of great family fitness ideas to enjoy and it marks the perfect time to get started. Here are five great ideas to help you get off the couch and get moving as a family again.

Fun Fall Family Fitness Ideas



Hiking is one of the best family fitness ideas simply because it is not overly taxing and can be done by most everyone on some level. Granted some of the hikes can be quite difficult but there are generally hiking trails for all level of fitness. Heading out as a family to explore a new mountain is always an exciting thing to experience.


Golf is a sport that will provide your family with hours of enjoyment. From the driving range to the countless golf courses you can visit, it is never the same experience twice. Golfing is a great family fitness idea that is outside the norm and will continue giving you new options for a lifetime.

Flag Football

The smell of the fall season brings with it a drive towards the pigskin. Getting the family outside for a little flag football is a great way to get in shape quickly. Best of all, you will be having so much fun you won’t even notice how many calories you are burning. Toss the old pigskin around and get in shape with your family!

Biking or Cycling


Biking is also fantastic during the fall season. It is not terribly hot and it is generally not too cold either. Peddling your bikes around town is a great way to get in shape and you can elevate your trails difficulty levels as you get in better shape. Spend some time researching the best trails in your area and head out as a family to conquer them this Fall! Check out our biking safety tips to keep everyone safe!


Tennis is often a little more high impact and requires a certain level of fitness to play full speed, but you can always just hit the ball around until you get in better shape. Tennis is great for hand/eye coordination and also for building up your cardio. Families all over the world are getting in shape by playing tennis and the fall season is the perfect time to get started.

Although the fall season is great for the temperature being more moderate, it is also pretty wonderful because the allergy problems are minimized. Many people struggle with outdoor exercise because of the various allergens. By getting in shape in the fall, your body will be more prepared when the tougher seasons come around. Don’t waste this opportunity to lead your family to fitness this fall!

17 thoughts on “Fun Family Fitness Ideas for the Fall”

  1. We have been doing some hiking as we have relatives that live in Canmore Alberta, right in the mountains! We also love going for bike rides and nature walks! Swimming as well!!

  2. We are liimited now to what we can do. We used to love riding bikes but no longer can as my son has too many seizures regularly and unexpected so now we go for nature walks as they are safer in case he seizes

  3. Eva Mitton-Urban

    Flag Football – what a great idea – since it doesn’t feel like exercise – more apt to follow. Great family fun – exercise and family fitness doesn’t have to be a five letter word – SWEAT.

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  4. We’ve been having so much fun with fall activities! Hiking, walking, playing backyard sports. I find it easier to lots of running around outdoors now that it is cooler!

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