Stay in Shape with Fun Winter Family Fitness Ideas


The winter months can leave you hibernating inside and curled up under a blanket by the fire.  Sounds nice doesn’t it?  Don’t let the cold scare you away from being active during what can be a very long winter season!  There are many options, both indoors and out, that can help keep you and your family active this winter.  Keep reading for some winter family fitness ideas on keeping your family in shape this season!

Winter Family Fitness Ideas

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Sledding: After a good snowstorm, break out the sleds and bundle up!  Head to your nearest hill.  The fitness comes in when you have to walk back up the hill.  Trudging through snow is tough!  Especially when the kids get tired of walking up the hill and you end up pulling them…talk about a burn!

Walking: Take to the streets and enjoy the winter scenery.  Map out a route and figure out how long it is in minutes and miles.  You can test yourselves after the first route to see if you can beat your own time!  Be sure to wear good footwear, the sidewalks might be a bit slippery!  Try this at night and enjoy all the decorated houses and their lights.  If you have a dog, he still needs to be walked, so use that time and just extend it a bit.  He will love the extra attention and exercise as well!

Home DVDs: Too cold or snowy out?  Stay indoors and get your sweat on.  There are so many home workout DVDs available from kids to yoga you can be sure to find something for everyone.  It doesn’t have to be a long sweat session either!  Many home workouts these days are cutting their times down to give you an amazing workout in just 30 minutes.  An added bonus?  Exercising always makes you feel better after and boosts everyone’s mood!  The kids might even be agreeable to doing their chores!

Gym membership: Some gyms do not allow kids, so depending on the age of your kids, this might not be a good option.  If they are old enough though, get a family membership and cheer each other on.  Gyms offer great benefits like a session with a personal trainer who can create a workout routine that best fits you.  The bonus to taking your family?  It is much easier to talk yourself out of going, but if more than one of you is in on this, you can encourage each other to not give up!

Biking: This of course only works best if you live in a warmer climate that doesn’t experience the harsh winter weather.  Although it still may seem a bit cold to you, take the bikes out, bundle up and go for a ride.  Map out your route and time yourselves!  Each weeks try to beat that time, or add on a little more distance.

As the saying goes, summer bodies are created in the winter.  You might not be after a bikini body, but staying active is certainly important to staying healthy.  It is easy when it is cold out to just stay put.  Get that blood flowing and your body moving and you will be warm!

What fun winter family fitness activities have you and your family done in the past to stay active during the long, cold winter months?  Post your ideas below!

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  1. Oh-I remember sledding with my Dad when I was very young–I loved it!! You know what else will keep you out there? Build a snowman or lady–or maybe both. Rolling up those three body parts can be work!!

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