Allergy Season Alert: Conquering Allergies When You Love the Outdoors

Remember a few weeks ago I told you about a great article I shared on the Life Brand website filled with tips on how to conquer allergies? Well, in case you missed it over on the Life Brand hub, here it is! Check out my favorite tips on dealing with allergy season when you’re part of a family that LOVES the outdoors!

Summer is officially here! The flowers have bloomed, the trees have blossomed and I am sneezing! For me, the return of summer means the return of allergy season! For my family, though, it means the return of biking, hiking, soccer, barbecues and other outdoor fun. I can’t let my allergies get in the way of a good time! So I made sure I’m prepared!

How to Conquer Allergies When You Love the Outdoors

Don't let allergies ruin your fun outside! Check out our tips for conquering allergy season when you and your family love adventuring outdoors!

Preparing for allergies when you have a family that loves the outdoors requires a little planning. When my allergies are in full-swing, I get headaches, watery eyes and mood swings. Plus I sneeze like crazy. None of those things- especially the mood swings- make for a fun family outing! So while planning may take some of the spontaneity out of our summer, it’s necessary! My top tips include:

  • Checking the weather forecast: The weather doesn’t just tell me if it’s going to be rainy or sunny, it also tells me what to expect from the pollen count on any given day. If allergens are going to be particularly nasty, we know to plan our adventure for a different time.
  • Take mid-day adventures: Pollen counts are typically worse in the very early morning- between 5am and 10am- or around dusk, so planning adventures for the middle of the day when possible helps keep allergies at bay.
  • Using the right kind of allergy medicine. I can’t shut myself in all season long and become a hermit. I also can’t always plan my outings around pollen counts! My daughter plays soccer and her coach isn’t going to want to hear “sorry, she can’t make practice, the pollen is high today.” The right allergy medicine keeps my symptoms from taking over my life. My go-to allergy medicine is Life Brand It gives me fast 24-hour relief from sneezing, itchy eyes and a runny nose without making me drowsy. When I’m not feeling congested, I don’t get headaches and mood swings, so it takes care of all my allergy symptoms conveniently!
  • Showering before bed: After a day of adventuring, I make sure to wash all the pollen off before heading to bed. It’s really one of the best things you can do to help make sure you don’t wake up with itchy eyes and a runny nose! Think about it, when you go to bed covered in tiny pollen spores, they’re getting all over your pillow as you sleep, letting you breathe them in.

Anyone who knows me knows how determined I am. I refuse to let allergies keep me from enjoying all the things I love to do outdoors with my family.

Don’t let allergies get the best of you and take time away from your family! Head over to Life Brand and check out all the great allergy season products they have to keep you comfortable all season long. From my favorite Life Brand Allertin to soft tissues for your stuffy nose to allergy eye drops for your dry eyes, they have you covered!

Visit Life Brand for all your allergy needs and more!


33 thoughts on “Allergy Season Alert: Conquering Allergies When You Love the Outdoors”

  1. Oh my lord…seasonal allergies really get to me. My nose runs and I get so congested in the mornings….argh!

  2. My biggest issue is at night time, not daytime. I can deal with allergies during day, but at nite, especially during spring and summer, if I don’t take anything, I snore like a chainsaw. lol

  3. These are great tips! I’m really feeling my allergies for the first time in a long time and love to be outside so this is perfect timing!

  4. Thank you for the tips. We get seasonal allergies, but it was not that bad where we had to resort to medicine. It was like, we had it in a day and gone the next.

  5. We have plenty of seasonal allergies. My kids and husband have allergies and they get shots every year but they still take medicine when it’s heavy. I love the suggestion of taking a shower before bed.

  6. I have battled allergies for years!! I have taken shots, taken every OTC med known to man and this year I used essential oils and have felt a million times better!!!

  7. I have horrible allergies year round. There is always something setting them off. I just take allergy meds and keep going. I am happy to see otc steroid nose sprays now too. They work great for me.

  8. Allergy season is for the birds. I have never heard of Life Brand before, but it sounds like it gives you all day relief. That is vital when you’re wanting to enjoy an outdoor adventure with the family.

  9. Allergy season is definitely not easy for people with allergies! I have mild allergies, but my daughter has to take something every day or she gets really itchy all over. Her allergies are strange! Your tips are really good! I do try to check the pollen count…but usually only if I’m sneezing a lot lol.

  10. I always make sure I keep the windows closed during allergy season so that pollen, dust, etc. doesn’t blow in. I also remove my shoes when I enter the house and keep the floors as clean as possible. I don’t have allergies, but my husband does.

  11. I love your attitude! I’m not one to take medication lightly, but when I do have an allergy attack, I depend on antihistamines to get through the day. I don’t want to let an allergic reaction determine my day, that’s for sure! Your tips are great though – I had no idea that allergens were less likely through the middle of the day. I’ll remember that!

  12. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I have terrible hayfever, but allergy meds always help me. I am not an outdoorsy type person, but they help me when I do go out.

  13. Between allergies to pollen, and my skin reactions to bug bites it is enough to make me never want to leave the house! Thankfully with medications I am able to manage and enjoy the outdoors with my family.

  14. This is the first year where I have had some seasonal allergies, not fun! I’ll be sure to check out Life Brand’s equivalent of Reactine, they’re usually the same thing but cheaper ;)

  15. So many people are affected by seasonal allergies. I search out holistic and natural sources. Apple cider vinegar and using a Neti pot is really good. I like the idea of showering before bed. Great suggestions.

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