5 Tips to Tame Your Skiing Fear: I Did It, So Can You!

Are you ready to conquer your skiing fear once and for all? Believe me, if I could do it, you can too! Check out my tips to help!

Learn how to conquer your fear of skiing so you can hit the slopes this year!

Three years ago, I was afraid to go  skiing! I could not even watch ski competitions during the Olympics! It made me sweat!  But my family is a huge ski fan: They go skiing on a regular basis, do not miss any ski competition on TV or during the Olympics!  I had two choices then: either face my fears and go skiing with them or stay at home and work! Tough decision for someone who, even the thought of climbing in a chair lift and facing the hills made her sweat! With LOTS of encouragement from my husband,   I decided to face my fear and start skiing with them!  My first skiing experience was at Smugglers Notch!  It was a lovely experience but since it was my first, it had some bumps and of course some funny jokes! But through the years I learned how to tame my skiing fear and this is how

Tips to Tame Your Skiing Fear and Get Out on the Slopes!

Buy your equipment: do not rent

Spending money on your own gear ensures that you’ll make more of an effort to use it!

When you buy your own equipment, it will be available any time you decide to go skiing! It will be staring at you in the garage or basement! You don’t want this expensive ski  equipment to sit there and be useless! USE IT . For your first skiing experiences, you can go with used skis from second hand stores! I recommend purchasing NEW ski boots though! You will feel more comfortable in them!

Sign up for skiing lessons

Take skiing lessons to help get past a fear of skiing.

Don’t feel ashamed to take ski lessons! I took my first lessons in my thirties at Smugglers Notch with a group of adults who never skied before.  My instructor had 20 years of experience and I felt comfortable!  He was VERY patient with me (and I mean it: very patient). I was literally crying on the chair lift and froze as soon as I got from the chair! He walked me through this and he showed me how to face my fears! Skiing fears come from the lack of knowledge of the technique: you are afraid to fall and have a ski accident! But with an experienced instructor, you will learn those skills that will prevent you from hurting yourself!

Go and practice but slowly!

To tame your skiing fear, you need to practice. The more you practice, the better! But make sure to start with easy hills because you may regret it!  Now when I was at Smugglers Notch, I took lessons in the morning. Happy with my new learning, I wanted to try the hills in the afternoon! My husband and I took a chair lift but instead of going to a beginner hill, we went to an advanced hill and oh boy! Remember, I was a beginner then and still afraid! I literally froze on the hill, took off my skis (which is dangerous and I do not recommend it) and I sat down: right there in the middle of the hills! My husband was in shock: he did not know if he should laugh or get angry at me! We had to call the security service to get me down! My point is: yes practice but start slowly!

Go with friends and family

While you might be embarrassed to ski with friends and family because you are afraid, they can be a great help! You can follow them and they will be there for you in case you fall! They can lift your spirit and you will have fun!

And finally : Enjoy!

I know its hard to enjoy when you are scared but think of it this way: isn’t better to go and have some fresh air than staying stuck at home during the cold weather! Canadian winter is so long and harsh that skiing can help you go through it! You will exercise, have fun with family and most of all: face your fear!

Have you ever conquered a skiing fear? How did you do it?

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