5 of the Best YouTube Workout Channels For Moms [with videos]

Need help keeping your New Years resolutions but don't have time to hit a gym? Check out the best YouTube Workout Channels for moms!

With the new year looming ever closer, you’re going to need some help keeping all your resolutions soon, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, starting with the best YouTube workout channels for moms! We know how important it is to exercise, but how many of us busy moms actually find the time to fit it in? Finding the time devoted to working out can be very difficult, which is why YouTube is a fantastic resource and tool that you can use for working out at home.

All you need is your computer, tablet or phone, maybe an exercise mat and some weights, and you are ready to go. You can find any kind of workout at all: cardio; high-intensity interval training (HIIT); yoga; pilates; and so much more . Here are my picks for the best YouTube channels for busy moms who want to workout at home.

Best YouTube Workout Channels For Moms


Founded by dynamic husband and wife team Kelli and Daniel, this channel is fantastic for anyone who wants to workout at home.  FitnessBlender has over 500 workouts available, with new workouts provided weekly.  You can find any kind of workout here: yoga; pilates; cardio; HIIT; upper or lower body; and more.  Kelli and Daniel advocate gimmick-free fitness, available and free for all.  Their workouts are done against a white background and don’t use music, which I like – that way I’m not distracted, and I can play whatever kind of music motivates me.  I discovered FitnessBlender not long after my doctor cleared me to exercise after my son was born, and I’ve been using them ever since, almost four years later!

Christine Salus

I came across Christine Salus’ channel while searching for new HIIT workouts, and I’m totally hooked.  In one word, her workouts are INTENSE.  Her videos are no frills: it’s Salus in her living room with no music, and a timer.  I would recommend her routines for mommies who have a solid base of fitness knowledge under their belts.  Most videos are HIIT focused, but you can find pretty much any type of routine you’re after: abdominal; total body strength; upper or lower body; etc.  She also offers several HIIT routines that she calls “Silent HIIT” which involve no jumping – perfect for when your kids are sleeping and you need to keep the noise to a minimum.  My go-to workout channel these days!

POPSUGAR fitness

If you prefer fitness classes with music, then this is the channel for you!  Popsugar’s fitness expert Anna Renderer is encouraging and upbeat, without being too perky – which is a relief for someone like me!  Though Renderer is someone you can picture being your best friend, she is without a doubt an expert on all things fitness-related.  With a variety of exercise videos to choose from (yoga; pilates; HIIT; etc), there is always a low-intensity version to follow along with, which is key for mommies just returning to exercise after baby.  With guest fitness coaches, nutrition advice and simple and healthy recipes to boot, this is definitely one of the best YouTube Workout Channels for moms who choose a healthy lifestyle to go along with their workouts!


Brought to you by fitness expert and entrepreneur Cassey Ho, Blogilates is the number one female fitness channel on YouTube!  Ho’s peppy personality, challenging Pilates and boot camp workouts and upbeat music makes for a sweaty, happy and intense workout.  She also has lots of different challenges you can do, such as “The Squat Challenge” (brutal, but in a good way!).  Ho is an expert at what she does, and she obviously loves every second of it – and you will too!


All I can say is Briana Christine is amazing.  She has had four children, and after the birth of each one has embarked on a weight loss journey on YouTube through exercise and healthy eating. Moms can see how a real woman like Christine struggles with the workouts as much as they do – I was a sweaty mess, and so was she!  Christine is a certified personal trainer, nutrition expert, blogger, author, model and mom of FOUR!  You’ll feel recharged and proud after working out with Bikinibodymommy, as well you should!

Embarking on an exercise routine can be challenging for anyone, especially if you’re a busy mom trying to find the time to juggle it all.  I know that if you can find the thirty minutes (or even less!) it might take you to work out with any of the above best YouTube workout channels, you’ll be so glad you did!

Do you have any favorite YouTube workout channels that are perfect for busy moms? Share in the comments!

5 thoughts on “5 of the Best YouTube Workout Channels For Moms [with videos]”

  1. I haven’t worked out in a long time! It’s about time I got back in shape! I think it’s awesome that I can simply watch on youtube to learn exercise routines!

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I have to share this with my daughter. She still has a lot of that excess weight after giving birth. I hope she does find time to do some exercises. It seems like she’s dead tired everyday coming home from work.

  3. Divya @ Eat. Teach. Blog.

    This is actually pretty perfect for me because I’ve been using the excuse of “it’s too cold!” to not get to the gym. I know sub-consciously that I don’t need to go to the gym to get a good workout!

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