Clean the House Together

Cleaning is just one of the things that you don’t have the choice to do and would be the first thing you can get rid of if you had the chance. It’s long, heavy and dirty. If you had some help, it will certainly seem lighter, goes faster and the dirty side may turn into lots of fun.I’m sure that from time to time you would oblige your older kids to help you cleaning and I’m also sure that they never  enjoy it. What’s if you make it a game where fun becomes the main purpose of cleaning the house?Think about making a speed contest, give some cool prizes. For example the first to finish cleaning his room will be the king of the house for the day. Don’t go crazy about the prizes, it should be only symbolic. Why not making yourself and your partner judges, have a scoreboard and rate the cleaning abilities of each one of the kids.Once you’re done with the house, you all go wash the car and make it a real water party. Enjoy it, get wet, put soap on everyone and laugh.

This is the best way to turn an annoying shore into a real family fun activity. You will be able to have the best of the two worlds, your house will be clean and you would have had a nice time. Everyone will be looking forward to the cleaning day.

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