My son was born with a severe strabismus

My son was born with a severe strabismus. After three surgeries, his eyes are now looking perfect. With His glasses, he’s just too cute. We’re certainly not done yet, as we still need to patch his right eye 3 hours a day and to overcome his coordination problems.

The strabismus left my son without a 3D perception, made him walking late what affected his motor development. While we knew that we couldn’t do much about the loss of the 3D perception, we’ve put our focus on helping him improving his coordination.

The fact that he started walking late affected the other steps of his development. When he was 3, me and my wife noticed that he was having hard time running fast and straight. We were also wondering why he never liked coloring and art work.

At the kinder garden, his teacher brought to our attention his difficulties to hold a pen, scissors and simply finishing his shores on time. His pediatrician advised us to consult an ergo- therapist and a physiotherapist.

The ergo-therapy worked well. His handwriting improved as well as his art skills. We discovered through the therapy, that muscles like abs and neck are essential in the process of writing, drawing and cutting with scissors.

While the ergo-therapy was just a 12 sessions therapy, the physiotherapy is a long process that can take several years. The main objective of this physiotherapy is to correct his movements and help him improve his balance and flexibility. He achieved a good progress since he started the sessions. Now, he runs better and improved in all the sports he is practicing.

Sports and physical activities are certainly what will make the difference regardless of any therapy. Up to now we tried swimming, soccer, skating, skiing and hockey. The idea was to involve him in activities requiring different skills.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to post this helpful article. One of my children, my daughter, has autism. While our children face different issues, I understand the time and energy, along with tremendous passion, put forth by parents when it comes to helping their children. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

    Best wishes from here in lovely Canada,

    Laura James

    1. Thanks Lauren for this nice comment. We wanted in this blog to share our personal experience and also to encourage every parent facing challenges with his children to keep hope and never give up. You will see it will pay off at the end. Today, you can barely tell that our son was born with that sever strabismus. Good luck with your child and please let us know if we can help by any means.

      ourfamilyworld team

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