Parents—Take Charge and Balance Your Child’s Life

So you have concluded electronic devices have taken over your child’s life. To be honest, you too may be letting those devices rob your time. The cards are in your hand now. How can you help your child balance out their time spent on electronic devices, or maybe even their addiction? Will it be easy? No. However, let’s examine some ways to start.

Gradual Reduction


You don’t need to pull your child away from every device in the home or in his personal possession. We live in a technological age. All of us, even your reading of this post, involves technology and electronics. Once you determine how much time should be allowed on their devices, start figuring out how to gradually reduce the time. You will need to replace time lost with another healthy habit. What are some balancing habits?


Balancing Habits

Here are suggestions for reducing electronic addiction for children:

  • Make a family night of “no electronic devices” for everybody. That means no computer or television. Cells phones should be off or on vibrate. Make popcorn and do some board games together. Better yet, talk to one another. This is one night device free!
  • Establish a daily down-time for the computer, cell phone, or like devices.
  • Don’t let your child go into secrecy-mode. As a parent you should be able to look at anything and everything your child is using or viewing. Privacy is understandable at times depending on the age of the child.
  • Don’t let your child isolate himself away from everybody in the household for long periods of time while using any of his devices. If circumstances allow, put the computer and other electronic devices in the family room.
  • Plan on outdoor activities every day or every week depending on your schedule and circumstances. Convert some of your child’s energy to physical activities outside. Of course any physical workouts you may want to do indoors is a good addition. Ping pong anyone?
  • Work on social skills with your child. Have you explained to them, depending on their age, how to greet someone when they come into your home? Or, how to greet someone outside the home? I was taught to always acknowledge, even a stranger, with a smile or a nod of the head. This was a southern gesture. Read the poem “A Fine Southern Gentleman.” This illustrates the point.
  • My last tip is to take your child to the library—to check out books. Get your child to read books. Read aloud to them. Check out books for yourself too. Show them how to enjoy life without an iPod stuck in their ear. read…read…

I hope these tips help. Electronic devices are fun, helpful, and at times very necessary. Remember though to be balanced. Also, set the proper example, and remember people not things are priority. Relay that to your children as they grow. When balance exists in the home, a healthier and happier home exists.

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