7 Great Parenting Apps For Smartphones

7 Great Parenting Apps For Smartphones | OurFamilyWorld.com

We have looked at all the best in the business and come up with our list of 7 Great Parenting Apps For Smartphones.  These apps will help you to not only be an informed parent, but protect your kids in the process. Whether you are looking for great tips on parenting, or wanting to be watchful of your kids time on their phone,  apps are the way to go these days.  Not only do they make everything easy and accessible, they are often free or only have a low monthly fee. Check out our favorites!

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Parents Magazine:  You can’t make this list  of parenting apps for smartphones without including the standard in parenting magazines.  Not only can you catch up on the latest articles, but you will find recipes, great forums to reach out to other parents and of course tips on how to handle various situations as your kids grow up.

Net Nanny:  If you are wanting to allow your kids to have a phone, tablet or laptop but want to make sure they are only viewing specific things this is a great app.  Not only can you set controls, you can monitor their use.  While it can be a bit invasive of privacy for older kids, it has its place in some situations with kids.  A great tool to help monitor what your kids are seeing online and to protect them.

iRewardChart:  This is one that is great for parents to keep track of what chores their kids should be doing.  Not only can you customize for what you have your kids doing daily, but you can help them learn to log in and keep track of what is lacking on the list.

FBI Child ID:  This app is perfect for keeping up to date pictures and information on your children.  While kidnappings are rare, it’s always good to be on top of things and have a safety app like this already on hand.

ArtKive:  This app is perfect for the parent of a younger child.  Simply snap a picture of their fun artwork and it is saved forever.  Great for keeping it close to you without cluttering up the fridge!

Family Matters:  This fun parenting app is all about helping you connect with your kids.  Activity and question suggestions are perfect for using around the dinner table, on a long car ride or in those tough spots when you feel you aren’t connecting with your kids well.

Home Budget:  This app is perfect for the busy on the go parent.  Sync with all of your devices and have access to your household budget from anywhere.  Update bills to be paid, check account balances and add items as needed on the go.

Being a parent is the ultimate responsibility.  Not only will you be in charge of your kids safety but their development and growth.  These apps include things to keep you organized, keep them safe and even help you connect on a different level.  Make sure to download these 7 great parenting apps for smartphones today!  Not only will you feel safer, your kids will be glad you did too!

Which parenting apps for smartphones do you use most?

17 thoughts on “7 Great Parenting Apps For Smartphones”

  1. You have shared many good parental apps here but there is one major app missing. Qustodio. Yes it is one of the best parental control app. I think you should check its reviews and must include in your list. Thanks.

    1. Absolute Digitizing

      Yes i agree with you Qustodio is no doubt a best parental control app. And FamilyTime is another one which has many features..

  2. Thanks for you sharing. This is an awesome list. Additionally, I’ve been using funamo parental control for nearly two years. It has monitoring, website filter and Internet use time limit features also control on apps. Hopefully you guys enjoy it.

  3. I never knew there was this many apps out there I am going to be checking these out! I know I have been worried and thought wow how did my parents do it!

  4. I need to check home budget out. last night I was in bed trying to figure out my finances instead of sleeping. I need something to help!

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