What’s Your Biggest Distraction While Driving With The Kids?

 What's Your Biggest Distraction While Driving With The Kids?:  We recently asked you this question, and found some of the same answers as a theme amongst our readers. Check our Parenting Tips to overcome this

What’s Your Biggest Distraction While Driving With The Kids?  We recently asked you this question, and found some of the same answers as a theme amongst our readers.  Safety behind the wheel of the car is so important, but when your kids are along for the ride it can quickly turn into a struggle of focus.  We hope to give you some ideas on how to overcome these struggles and manage driving with the kids in tow safely and easily.

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What’s your biggest distraction while driving with the kids?

Melissa says

When they fight with each other.

FIGHTING OR ARGUING: This is by far the most common problem our readers mentioned.  Kids arguing over electronics, the radio, what seat or who as touching who can be a dangerous distraction.  If you are concentrating on ending the argument in the back seat, your focus is not on the road as it should be.  Here are some of our tips for fixing this distraction while driving.

  • Keep Assigned Seats.  Instead of having kids fight for what place they sit in the back, assign seats and make them stick to it.
  • Keep separate electronics.  If you allow movies or electronics in the car, then provide separate ones for each child.
  • Give Them Earbuds or Headphones.  Keeping what they are listening to separate and quiet only to them will help arguments cease.

Charity says

The whining and demanding.

WHINING OR DEMANDING: Kids often begin whining about everything from the temperature of the car, to what music you have on the radio.  They may even go so far as to demand you change the radio station, go home for a blanket or stop and buy them a treat.  This is unacceptable behavior that shouldn’t be continuing. Sadly, many parents find themselves struggling against disrespectful behavior from their children while in the car.  Here are some tips for fixing this problem.

  • Follow through with consequences of bad behavior.
  • Don’t let them win by giving in to the bad behavior.
  • Stop the car and address the problem immediately.

While there are a lot of distractions while driving, your kids shouldn’t be one of them.  The most common responses to our questions had to do with bad or disrespectful behavior happening with the parent is behind the wheel of the car.  This should not be an issue.  Be frank and honest.  Ask yourself, “Who is the parent here?”. You are the parent.  You should be in control of the situation, not your children.

Can you think of a big distraction while driving with kids that we missed? Tell us in the comments! Looking for more Parenting Tips ideas, check our Pinterest board. 

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12 thoughts on “What’s Your Biggest Distraction While Driving With The Kids?”

  1. My boys are terrible in the back seat. I have to constantly remind myself to remain calm and stop the car if I need to address the issue. No need to get in an accident.

  2. I’m pretty lucky because car time is our peaceful time, but lately we’ve been having debates on what to listen to on the radio. DD makes some great choices; however when I she wants to listen to them 13 times in a row I go a bit bonkers.

  3. Definitely crying and arguing! Also my younger will freak out if she drops something on the floor or she is just really impatient about wanting a snack etc. Very distracting!

  4. Very good tips. I like the ear bud idea, not only does it help with each having their own thing to do, it keeps the car quieter.

    I also think all 3 tips for whining and demanding are spot on.

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