Balance your priorities

We’re so eager to make everything in our life so perfect that we exhaust ourselves. What’s about if everything doesn’t need to be that perfect?

Last night I was watching the last Mickey Rourke movie “The Wrestler” and it hit me when he said to his daughter: ” I was the one who was supposed to take care of everything …and I just didn’t”. The guy was so focused on being a great wrestler that he put his family on the side lines.

What if he tried harder to keep some balance in his life? If only he prioritized better, wrestled less, and balanced his quest to be famous with taking care of his true fans — his family!?! I am sure if he did have this perspective, he would have ended up less lonely?
You might say that without making sacrifices he would never have developed into such a great wrestler. Well maybe! But that is missing what really counts. Spending more time with his family may have meant less fame but he would have gained something much more valuable — the joy of raising his daughter and ultimately a meaningful and fulfilling relationship instead of loneliness.

Balance, that’s the key word. Balance between all the priorities we have in our life. The real question is opening our eyes and realizing what is really important in life. Once you figure that out, the pieces will fall into place.
I already started applying that rule for myself, next time I’ll tell you what I did. In the mean time let me know how did you try to balance your life and how did it work?

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