5 Indoor activities for kids on a rainy day

It is Sunday afternoon and it is pouring rain outside.  Before you break out into a sweat, sit down and calm down.  Now that you have calmed down, we have to think of something some indoor activities for kids to do so you are not sitting in the house going stark raving mad. A rainy Sunday does not have to be torture.

Indoor activities for kids

  • Watch movies

I am sure that you have several favorite family movies that you like to watch. A rainy day is the perfect time to pull them out and start watching them. You’ve seen them all already? Even better. You can pick which characters you want to be and say the lines (preferably in the character’s voice) while you watch the movie.

  • Read

A rainy day is perfect for story time. The kids that are old enough to read can read their books while you read to the young kids that can’t read yet. You could even have the older kids read to the younger kids. This kills two birds with one stone. The kids get entertained and you get to take a few minutes to do something for yourself. You could have a cup of tea and read a book in an area that is close to where the kids are. This one of our favorite indoor activities for kids.

  • Play board games

Make it a game day! Pull out that Monopoly game that has gathered dust. Play checkers or chess with your kid. You don’t have to have anything really fancy, just a game that takes a long time to play and requires a lot of concentration.

  • Do crafts

If you have artsy children, rainy days are wonderful for creativity. You can let your kids draw pictures. They can make buttons. You could teach them how to make jewelry if that’s your thing. Really it’s up to you. Use your imagination to come up with some crafts that you can do with your kids on a dreary day.

  • Play dress up

Rainy days are great for activities that require imagination. They already wish it were not raining outside. Use that to help them imagine what they would rather be doing. Pull out those old Halloween costumes (if they still fit) and allow them to create stories around their Halloween costumes. If you have clothes that have become too big because you have lost weight, let the kids dress up in those clothes. It is not important what they dress up in. The important thing is that they have fun and are not just staring out the window chanting, “Rain Rain go away”.

A rainy afternoon does not have to spell disaster for you and your children. With a bit of creativity and ingenuity, you can come up with some fun things to do indoors. Who knows? You might have so much fun that you don’t even want to go back outside when the sun comes back out.

What are your favorite indoor activities for kids on a rainy day?

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  2. Kristin @ Preschool Universe

    We love homemade play dough – the ingredients are really simple everyday items, so you don’t have to go out to have fun. I have lots of play dough recipes and activities on my site 😉

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