Create a Class Ring as Unique as Your High School Memories with Jostens

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Getting your class ring is an exciting experience. It signals that the end of your high school career is coming to an end. I remember the day I received mine. We had a huge ceremony during my junior year. I still have my ring! I don’t know if schools still create big events around class ring day, but I do know that choosing your class ring is a special moment.

When I was in high school, we didn’t get to customize our rings the way Jostens lets you now! Oh sure, we could opt for a different color stone than the school colors (which, by the way, totally washed out my rather pale skin). We could also choose between silver and gold. That was it. Now? Wow. So many choices! I had such a blast on the Jostens website!

My boyfriend’s daughter just started high school this year. She’s also turning sweet 16 in September, so I wanted to put together the perfect ring for her. Jostens makes the process so easy. Honestly, the hardest part is choosing which of their many styles to start with!

Create the perfect class ring with Jostens

Creating the perfect unique class ring with Jostens is a cake walk with their step-by-step process. After choosing your school, simply select the gender that you’re shopping for and start browsing the selections. create-class-ring-unique-high-school-memories-jostens Let me tell you a little about Raina so you’ll understand my choices. She’s a lot like me when I was her age, which is probably why we bonded so quickly. That, and the fact that she’s just an awesome kid. Raina’s kind of a punk-rock girly girl. I have no doubt she could hold her own in a mosh pit yet she’s currently sporting bright pink fingernails. Sometimes she has bright pink hair! She’s absolutely beautiful and 100% original. I really wanted something that showed off her girly side but also had a bit of edginess to it. So I started with the Bay Breeze by Jostens. create-class-ring-unique-high-school-memories-jostens Once you choose your ring, you’re given a ton of options. The first thing I did was swap out the stone for her birth stone. Then I picked the cut. I know absolutely nothing about cuts, so I just picked the one that I thought went with the overall design the best.

create-class-ring-unique-high-school-memories-jostens I also changed the finish to a Shadowcast finish! This is a really cool thing that Jostens offers that casts the metal in a dark finish. It was exactly what I needed to give this gorgeous ring a bit of an edge.


Once you’ve decided on the look of the ring, you can move on to engraving. When you’re done, you’ll get to see the ring from all sides to make sure it’s exactly how you want it. In the interest of Raina’s privacy, I’ve avoided taking pictures that show her school name too clearly. I’m sure you understand, but you get the general idea of how it looks. Jostens FB The final product is absolutely beautiful! Very hard to photograph when you’re a writer and not a professional photographer, but absolutely perfect. It definitely met and exceeded my expectations. I really wish I had this much creative control over my own high school ring creation. I’d probably wear it a lot more often if I did!

Find class rings to fit every personality at Jostens


Jostens has stylish and unique class rings to fit every personality. They truly are unique since you design them yourself! While I chose Bay Breeze by Jostens for Raina and gave it a Shadowcast finish, I also really love their Luxe collection. The rings in this collection are simply stunning. One my of favorites is the Stackable by Jostens. These are perfect for teens who love to wear multiple rings.


Now, I’ve talked a lot about the rings for girls, which is funny because I am actually a boy mom! Raina lets me indulge my girly side and my son is a few years away from high school. When he gets there, though, I really love the simple yet elegant monogram look of the Jostens Small Signet Luxe ring.

Like I said, there are just so many beautiful rings to choose from, the hardest part is picking the one you want to customize! Check out all the gorgeous Jostens class rings and create your own ring as unique as YOUR high school memories!

Which class rings by Jostens are your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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26 thoughts on “Create a Class Ring as Unique as Your High School Memories with Jostens”

  1. I actually bought a ring through Jostens when I graduated high school and it was my favorite ring. It was beautiful, had a black onyx and it looked much like the one in the above picture with the blue stone. Mine had the engraving as well.. I highly recommend these because they last forever and they are beautiful. I would like to get one when I graduate college as well.

  2. Class rings sure have come a long way from when I was in school. They used to be really big and bulky. Glad to see they make more petite ones for the ladies now!

  3. My daughter got her class ring through Jostens. It was beautiful! My son is homeschooled so he didn’t get a class ring though.

  4. I never got one of these when I graduated, my family was very poor growing up. I wish I did have one though, I think they are important for a graduate, its a sign of accomplishment.

  5. I gave my class ring to my Daughter. I don’t think she ever got one… if she did I just don’t remember. I have Grandkids and one day, they will want a class ring.

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