Let’s Get Crafty – Simple Craft Projects for Children

Let's get crafty

 Your children have been out of school for nearly a month. I bet that you have heard more than once “I’m bored.” One of the funnest ways to respond is with a craft project. Some of those craft skills may even last a lifetime. I still recall some my early craft projects to this day. My teenage daughters can often be caught with a paint brush or bottle of glue in their hands. With a few basic supplies, with you and your children can enjoy some afternoons of fun. Your children have been out of school for nearly a month. I bet that you have heard more than once


You light up my life! A fun project for children of nearly any age is decoupage. All you need are some images that you want to apply to your project and some decoupage glue like Mod Podge. You might try decorating a light switch plate with images that match your child’s room. An old glass jar can transform into a candle holder. Decoupage it with tissue paper in various colors. When the glue is dry, you can insert a votive candle and enjoy the glow from the candle and your child’s face.

 Wear did you get that? Children love crafts that you can wear. Simple bracelets by braiding yarn and adding beads. Younger children can make colorful bracelets with pipe cleaners strung with pony beads.  I have seen several tie dye kits for sale recently, All it really takes is some fabric dye, rubber bands and some creativity.

 Set the table for fun! Simple place mats can be made by weaving strips of ribbon in a sheet felt that has been sliced. The ends can be secured with fabric glue. Another fun project is to decorate the outside of plastic tumblers with paint pens. Decorating cookies or cupcakes is always fun. You might try rolling taffy or other chewy candy into thin pieces. Then you can use cookie cutters to cut out flowers and other fun shapes.

 Let’s get out there! There is a bounty of crafts that begin or end out doors. Simple bird feeders can be made using either pine cones or toilet paper rolls that are coated in peanut butter and then rolled in bird seed. An ocean or river can be made in a jar. If you live near the ocean, collect some shells. Near a river you could collect rocks. In a clear glass jar that has a tight fitting lid add your items, ½ cup of vegetable oil blue food coloring and water. Parents can seal the lid with hot glue and the lid. Slightly shaking the jar is a water wonderful fun.

Remember that there is an abundance of fun to be had with just a few items and some creativity. I am sure you will still hear a couple more times “I’m bored,” but now you might have an answer. Have fun and get crafty!

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