Tips For Twin Toddler Speech Development

Need parenting tips for twin toddler speech development? Check out our ideas to help your twins develop their language skills together and independently.

Tips For Twin Toddler Speech Development are often needed since twins have a habit of communicating with each other but not those around them. This is a common problem for parents of twins when their children lack traditional speech development, but understand and comprehend each other and those around them. When twins can communicate with each other, they often find themselves in a delayed situation where traditional speech patterns arrive much later.

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Tips For Twin Toddler Speech Development

Encourage independent play away from each other. Setting up play dates apart from each other can really help develop speech and communication skills. Twins tend to become a crutch for each other in many areas. By encouraging independent play alone or with other kids away from each other, you will encourage them to use their verbal skills for communication with others. The separation in this case is well worth it to encourage them to become more vocal to engage with other children in their peer group.

Do speech therapy separate from each other. Whether you are following tips you find online, or going a more traditional route with your twins using a speech therapist, you can set up sessions separate from each other. Encouraging twin toddler speech development by utilizing different interests they have apart from each other can be most rewarding. Instead of competing with each other, they are only challenging themselves. This can actually work to their and your benefit in this area of their development.

What to Expect from Your Toddler’s Speech Therapy

Continue encouraging use of the words they have mastered. Yes, you will introduce new words and repeat those often, but also make sure you are giving them both plenty of ways to use the words they already lean on. Encourage speech in all areas of their life using any words they have already mastered.

Add new words or compound words that work with those they already use. Adding in new words that sound similar, or work along with the words they already use is a great idea. Repeat these words regularly. Especially compound words that combine words they already use on a regular basis. Repeat these words as appropriate throughout the day, making sure you draw their attention to the new words and encourage them to try saying them. Even if they don’t say them, the repetition can help confirm the sounds in their mind for future use.

Sometimes you have to step back and simply allow things to fall into place in their own time with twin toddler speech development. There are times when a doctor should become a part of the equation to rule out other developmental issues, but for now try these tips to help encourage your children to speak up for themselves.

Do you have any other tips for twin toddler speech development? Share in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Tips For Twin Toddler Speech Development”

  1. Fi Ní Neachtáin

    Really great tips, thanks for sharing! Unfortunately I don’t know anyone with twins to pass this on to.

  2. Your post brings back memories when our set of twins in the family couldn’t pronounce the letters ‘R’ and ‘L’. They were so very young and we all found it adorable. I should tease them about that since they have such deep voices now.
    Anyway, I really enjoy your speech development post. Very interesting info!

  3. These are awesome tips for parents who have twin toddlers for speech development. It would be important to desperate them for therapy so they don’t copy each other. Thanks for sharing.

  4. My 8 year old identical twins both have speech delays. Both are in speech. When they were younger they definitely had their own language and way of communicating to each other. Twins, multiples in general, are a whole different ball game when it comes to developmental milestones.

  5. I do not yet have kids but I do know some twins who would only talk to each other and only one could translate what the other said to the world. These are some great tips for parents on twins or more out there

  6. I have twins. Two boys actually and one had a speech development issue. They are now 18 years old but still communicate very well.

  7. I don’t have twins but I can see where separate speech therapy sessions can be very benificial and get each twin to open up and communicate more. This is very enlightening.

  8. I have seen a lot of patients that had twin children and they do tend to have some fascinating ways to communicate. They are not traditional, but they completely understand each other! We have found that friends of ours separated their twins for school this year as well. But it seems like it would be a personal decision as twins seem to enjoy being around each other immensely!

  9. Too funny! My daughter gets speech 2 days a week because she’s delayed speech wise & her therapist was just telling me a story about twins she worked with in the past & now I read this lol…. Great info 🙂

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